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07 August 2015
Breakfast bowl superfoods

Bee Pollen is a superfood of nature, rich in; vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and anti-oxidants. Containing so many nutrients our body needs, as well as being high in protein it’s the perfect food product for early morning digestion.

The fatty acids that are found in Bee Pollen are known to reduce stress and even put you in a better mood, mixed with the deliciousness of a blueberry, banana and strawberry smoothie like this one – your mood is bound to soar first thing in the morning.

Sprinkle Bee Pollen Granules on the surface of your smoothie…

Three images in a row, first one is a close up of Bee Pollen Granules on top of a smoothie with the packet behind, second is close up of bee pollen & the third is a pinky blueberry smoothie with bee pollen on top on a green tablecloth with blueberries on

Another reason Bee Pollen is great around breakfast time is because it is a super brain booster, lifts fatigue, improves alertness and helps the concentration levels over an extended period of time (such as the whole day)!

As a natural immune system builder and beeee-ing (get it!) packed with so much goodness, it means a bit of Bee Pollen will enhance your vitality, endurance and stamina. As well as increase blood pressure.

See how your Muesli cereal can transform with just a teaspoon of Bee Pollen Granules

Three images in a row. No. 1 is Bee Pollen packet, milk, orange squash & bowl of Muesli cereal & spoon laid out, pic no.2 is close up of Bee Pollen in Muesli in red bowl & no.3 is spoonful of cereal & bee pollen

Goji Berries, also known as Wolf berries are traditionally taken as a tonic for longevity. They have a cooling and nourishing effect on the body.

These wonderful red berries are a super nutritional food full of anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties.

Great eaten at breakfast time, Goji berries are a certified immune booster supporting the maintenance of a healthy liver as well as making your breakfast colourful and attractive!

A handful of these berries in the morning will balance your blood sugars, fitting if you’ve been out on the town the night before!

Want to give your Greek yogurt a taste and colour boost? Go for it with Goji Berries and be brave with Bee Pollen

Three images in a row. First is Bee Pollen & Goji Berries Packets behind two bowls of yogurt & the products, no.2 is a close up of Goji Berries & Bee Pollen in a yogurt bowl & 3 is ariel view of the open packets & bowls

Goji Berries are also ideal in the morning time if you are pregnant as they are known to help reduce morning sickness. They will reduce cholesterol, nourish your vital essence and possibly even enhance fertility!

Goji Berries can also be soaked overnight then blended up in a smoothie if you’d prefer to drink them.

Tantalise your taste buds with a scrumptious & loving handful of Goji Berries on toast…

Three images in a row. 1 of brown piece of toast with marmalade on and Goji Berries in a heart shape, second of Goji Berries pattern with packet in middle & third of toast half eaten close up

Your breakfasts will never be the same again - enjoy!

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