The Do's and Don't's of Detox
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18 December 2017
Green smoothies

Some medical doctors insist the body needs no help with detoxification and call it a modern myth. However try a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of hot water on waking and see how it tonifies the liver and helps you to feel revived and fresher. Detox and fasting are fast becoming evidenced by the medical community for impressive health benefits, during detox it seems the body spends less energy on digestion and assimilation and more time turning its attentions to cellular repair and elimination.

What the body really does need however is a dense source of micronutrients, so it’s a case of removing what is taxing the body and adding what can give the body a boost. The edible blue-green algae superfoods Spirulina or Chlorella for example are not only effective at alkalizing and detoxifying but also high in protein (good for cellular repair) and so densely packed with vitamins and minerals. Add this to freshly squeezed juice and shift the base line of well being with dense nutrition.

It’s unnecessary to purchase any overpriced detox formulas but there are some superfoods of interest that have been used in detox for thousands of years. In ayurvedic medicine Turmeric is valued as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and a liver tonic, in chinese medicine Reishi Mushroom is prized as a tonic and helps the body adapt to stress and change and in western herbalism Dandelion and Nettle are the perfect tonic for kidneys and blood.

Do prepare for a detox by doing a pre-detox. Give up caffeinated drinks and just eat 100% wholefoods with lots of vegetables. Start increasing your water intake now.

Don’t think you can rush it with a quick fix expensive detox formula, your body will thank you for gentle and longer lasting changes.

Do start each day of your detox with a glass of hot water and a desert spoon of cider vinegar, this is cleansing & alkalising.

Don’t just carry on with your normal busy life, book out some time off so you can nurture yourself and rest.

Do include lots of fresh juices, smoothies and simple soups in your detox. This boost of micronutrients will help your body repair cells, and get down to the job of elimination.

Don’t forget to do daily skin brushing, this encourages the flow of lymph and helps the body release toxins.

Do include a sauna or colonic irrigation treatment in your detox plan as this will help your body’s elimination systems do their job.

Don’t forget that detoxing the body brings lots of changes and you might experience some emotional release, remember it will pass.

Do include detoxifying herbs such as Milk thistle, Turmeric, Dandelion and Nettle to support the liver and kidneys.

If you are interested in a deeper detox program then read this blog about The Six Day Juice Cleanse. This blog includes a juice fasting protocol, with helpful tips and advice.


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