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17 December 2015
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About Veganuary

Launched in 2014, Veganuary is a global campaign that inspires thousands of people to try the Vegan diet in January. Veganism is one of the most effective choices a person can make to reduce the suffering of animals, help the planet and improve personal health.

Veganuary’s founders, Jane and Matthew, knew that month-long pledges were not unusual, but felt that it could be done differently, and perhaps more successfully, by focusing on the month of January; a time for resolutions and new beginnings.

With that in mind… 

#IndigoPeople Pledges

Elsie Brockway - Try Vegan - Veganuary - Indigo People

Elsie Brockway - Indigo Herbs Social Media and Marketing Coordinator - Pledge

I have grown up as a meat eater, and will admit I have been pretty unhealthy up until the last couple of months. I have contemplated going Vegetarian a number of times but as I don’t class myself as a very good cook I have been worried about how I will get all the iron, protein and energy I need to keep going throughout the day. Once I started working at Indigo Herbs, I realised there are so many products that can aid a Vegan diet. Finding out that we were sponsoring the Veganuary Campaign was really exciting! I have always admired Vegans and Vegetarians and now realise that there are a lot of interesting, inspiring and guilt free foods and recipes out there. I’m looking forward to improving my cooking skills and hosting dinner parties with Abby. With the support of my friends at Indigo Herbs I believe I can give it a go, eat more vegetables, wholefoods and pulses and be healthier. I do think it’ll be a big challenge for me but what better time than New Year! I have almost kicked my sweet habit after my first taste of Raw Chocolate! So, I promise to go Vegan for the whole month of January and not think about a Bacon sandwich once!!!! 

The recipes I'm most excited to try are; the Rosemary, Olives & Tomato Muffins and the Date and Tahini Fudge

I challenge Abby.....

Abby Render - Try Vegan - Veganuary - Indigo People

Abby Render - Indigo Herbs Customer Service & Product Fulfilment Supervisor - Pledge

I’ve been Vegetarian for 3 years now and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life. I am healthier now and really try to eat a variety of fruits, vegetables, grains and superfoods as much as possible. Working at Indigo has opened my eyes to so many healthy and tasty superfoods and sugar alternatives and it’s been loads of fun experimenting over the years. I am now a stickler on having my green smoothies every morning! I am however a real dairy fiend and absolutely love cow’s milk in tea and coffee as well as yoghurt, cheese and eggs! However I am really up for the challenge of Veganuary, I feel confident about doing it, especially as I have such great access to so many vegan ingredients and alternatives, and I’m really excited to team up with Elsie and Faye so we can motivate and help each other! The video’s on the Veganuary website, (particularly of the fat of male chick’s), really shocked and horrified me; and the more research I do about the meat and dairy industry the more I want to cut dairy and eggs out of my life altogether.

I’m looking forward to trying some of the Indigo Superfood Bliss Balls recipes and anything with Avocado from the Veganuary recipes

I challenge Faye...

Faye Chadburn - Try Vegan - Veganuary - Indigo People

Faye Chadburn - Indigo Herbs Kitchen Production Team Member - Pledge

I have always been intrigued by the power of diet to overcome most ailments, always up for trying new diets and open to experiment with the latest dietary suggestions. This could be why I’ve ended up working at Indigo Herbs! Have been through phases of up to a year of being wheat and sugar free and Vegetarian, all have benefited me in various ways. Now been Vegetarian for 2 years after watching "Vegucation" and currently very aware, although realistic on the level of natural sugars I consume. Veganuary sounds like the perfect way to learn more about what my body does and doesn’t need, as well as help the environment. Have u seen "Cowspiracy?" I cook A LOT, mainly vegetables, pulses and wholegrains. I am open to all sorts of Superfoods, it is a bit like a game trying to get them in food sometimes! As a very active person, I do an hour of sport most days, breakfast is majorly important and as starting the day with a savoury breakfast has been my most recent "low sugar" challenge I have no idea what I’m going to do without eggs next month! Bring on the scrambled tofu and savoury porridge (bit scared)! Indigo Chia Seeds are going to become my best friends as they can be used as a binder/egg. 

I am excited to try the Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipe and any Dahl recipes I come across. 

Rosemary, Olive & Tomato Muffins by Laura Hemmington - Date & Tahini Fudge by Pink Rose Bakery - Superfood Bliss Balls by Tales of Healthy - Vegan Cheese Sauce by My Blissful Journey

I challenge the rest of the Indigo Herbs Crew….

An extended bunch of the Indigo Crew will feature on our up and coming Vegan Blog posts including Claire; Marketing Manager, Tawny; Website Coordinator and Georgie; Kitchen Production. 


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Elsie, Abby and Friends will post 1 blog a week during January with what they’ve been eating, how their Vegan journeys are going and the challenges they’ve faced or things they’ve learnt. Watch this space…


Very Lucky Vegan - Competition Time

We’ve chosen and hand picked a selection of Indigo Herbs products that we are sure will aid 1 lucky winner through their Vegan journey this January.

WIN the 'Lets Try Vegan Product Bundle' which includes: 

  • Vegan Kick Ass Smoothie Mix 100g – A powerhouse of Superfoods, plant based proteins, vitamins & minerals blended by Sam Taylor (plant based martial artist)
  • Organic Raw Almond Butter 250g - Nutty, creamy and delicious. Naturally rich in Minerals, Vitamin E and Dietary Fibre
  • Organic Hemp Seeds 100g - Delicious Nutty taste, ready to eat, easy to make into Hemp milk and packed full of essential fatty acids - Omega 3 & 6 
  • Organic Pumpkin Seeds 250g - Rich in Omega-3 oils and high in protein, vitamin E and minerals 
  • Indigo Raw Chocolate Making Kit (make your own delicious Vegan chocolate) 300g – Everything you need to make super nutritious Vegan chocolate
  • Organic Raw Agave Syrup 250ml – A natural sweetener with a low glycaemic index, makes a great alternative to sugar
  • Destress & Unwind Essential Oil Blend 10ml – A blend of the essential oils Basil, Geranium, Grapefruit & Peppermint to help you relax and chill out whilst trying Vegan!

Vegan Competition Product Bundle - Indigo Herbs

All you have to do is COMMENT on THIS BLOG telling us why you’re going Vegan in the New Year and why you should WIN this Bundle of our goodies.

A winner will be chosen on Monday 11th January & the bundle will be posted straight out. Good Luck!


Kick Start the Year with this Kit

Veganuary Starter Kit

Veganuary have put together a kit that features a variety of essential Vegan snacks to kick start your experience. A product from all the other brand sponsors of Veganuary including Nakd Superfood Bars, Dees Wholefoods, Ten Acre Popcorn Crisps and of course Indigo Herbs!

Our Vegan Kick Ass Smoothie Powder Mix inspired by Plant Based Martial Artist Sam Taylor, has been chosen to feature in the Starter Kits, it is a powder mix of Superfoods, Plant based Proteins, Vitamins & Minerals.

Put a few teaspoons of this mix into your morning Smoothie and you’ll be on the go all day!

Find out why we decided to sponsor Veganuary in the first place here.


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Raw Seed and Nut Butters
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Vegan Protein Powders
Vegan Protein Powder


This happy bundle would certainly kick-start my vegan January journey. I eat a mostly veggie diet, with fish thrown in now and again. I've dabbled with the odd vegan recipe on the menu, but haven't tried a sustained period of eating vegan (I love egg and cheese and butter!) I'd like to see if I can survive for a whole month and if it has any beneficial health impacts. Giving up current staples is going to be hard and any incentive has to be good! :-)

Hi Debbie. I'm sorry but you have been unsuccessful this time, but good luck on your Vegan adventures. You are doing a great thing! Kind Regards.

I have been vegetarian for several years as I am not able to eat meat without being ill. Although I do eat some fish. I have looked into the vegan diet and have a couple of recipe books which also include some good background information. Veganism isn't just about what you eat, it extends to cosmetics, cleaning products, even the clothes and shoes you wear. A good place to start is by monitoring what you put in your body, and i would love to see if I can become healthier on a vegan diet. So I'm up for the challenge and this bundle of joy would be an excellent way to kick it all off! Let the challenge commence! X

Hi Karen. I'm sorry but you have been unsuccessful this time, but you are completely right! Veganism is a big thing and you are doing a great thing! Kind Regards.

A committed veggie for over 30 years and a long time customer of Indigo herbs, I stumbled across this blog while looking for a fat free diet to start the New Year. I will now also be committing to Veganuary not only for my own health and well being but also to raise awareness to the plight of animal life and the future of our planet. Thank you Indigo and Merry Christmas!

Hi Liz, lovely to see a long-time customer make it onto our Blog comments. Appreciate your support through the years! Unfortunately, you have been unsuccessful this time but keep your eyes peeled on all our Social Media platforms in the future for upcoming competitions. Good Luck on your Vegan adventures, I hope they are going well. Kind Regards

I'm not a vegetarian although I do only consume meat about once a week, I don't drink cows milk or eat yogurt but I am a total butter feind. I watched 'conspiracy' last week and it really shocked & upset me. I feel like now is a good time for me to change my eating habits for the world & my own health. I've since started an online herbalist course and look forward to trying to be vegan throughout January and beyond. You're vegan starter pack would be a great boost :)

Hi Mia. We're sorry but you have been unsuccessful this time, well done on deciding to make a change and turn your diet life around. We wish you good luck on your Vegan adventures. Kind Regards

I've been vegetarian for 26 years and have been becoming more and more vegan in recent years. I'm a medically retired Nurse (having been forced to retire at aged 38, due to deteriorating and debilitating health challenges - including being reliant on complete intravenous nutrition 16 hours daily, via a line that is permanently placed in a large vein just before it enters the heart) and now run a charity Community Juice Bar. All the smoothies I prepare (unique recipes) are vegan, so that they are accessible to all. I've been seriously ill over the last 6 weeks and I know that boosting 2016, with a completely vegan diet (and using fab Indigo Herbs products, like my favorites: pea protein and cacao), will really aid my recovery. I am unable to eat 'solid' food (although I often make raw chocolate and let it dissolve in my mouth), so would love to try the smoothie mix in the prize hamper and to boost my smoothies by making a hemp milk base with the hulled hemp seeds. Thank you for your support to the Community Juice Bar this year!

Hi Cheryl. You have been chosen as the WINNER of our Very Lucky Vegan Competition. It sounds as though you have had quite a time of it, the Community Juice Bar sounds like a wonderful thing, we are glad that we are here to aid you in any way possible and believe you will appreciate this Bundle a lot. So, congratulations. If you'd like to e-mail elsie@indigo-herbs.co.uk your details and address we will send the Bundle out to you asap.... Kind Regards, Elsie - Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Hello from New Mexico USA! Veganuary and why? How can I NOT? I was with my daughter at Christmas who has become vegan on animal non-cruelty principal first, and second for health. I am totally on board now and have totally eliminated dairy, meat and anything with a face. I am working through recipes, ingredients and LIFESTYLE! I look forward to the great information Veganuary is providing and the support it gives. PICK ME! :)

Hi Tammy, all the way over in New Mexico! Thanks for the comment. I'm afraid you haven't been successful this time but we enjoyed your excitedness and we hope yours and your daughters Vegan adventures are going well. Kind Regards

The products in your starter kit look fantastic though I have to be honest...I've had my own version of a kit in my home for the last two years...my daughter Meg. She went vegan a couple of years ago and has quietly and consistently been showing me how to live this life ever since. Now, after stumbling across Veganuary I'm ready to follow in her steps. It would be amazing to win this starter pack so I could share the goodies with her...seems only fair after what she's done for me.

Hi Kate. Thanks for your comment. You have been unsuccessful this time but keep your eyes peeled on our Blog, Newsletter and Social Media platforms in the future for upcoming Competitions. Kind Regards

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