Yes we have a number of happy Dutch customers. Delivery normally takes 2-3 days with our courier.

Is the wheatgrass, barley gras for sale in the Netherlands. I'am looking for powder and pils.

These food sources offer a broad range of highly dense nutrition. By improving the level of nutrition in your diet your body has what it needs to heal itself and keep itself on top form. At the end of the day our bodies are our vehicles and if you put better fuel in the engine, the system works better.

Dear Sir What's the benefit from this medicine. Mrinal Haque

Hi You can use all 4 powders but from a nutritional perspective there is little difference between the algaes and even less difference between the grasses. 2-3 teaspoons of wheatgrass or barleygrass and 1-2 teaspoons of spirulina or chlorella will contain absolutely loads of nutrition. You can prepare with water or milk or (my preference) fruit juice. The powders can be mixed with just a little fluid first and then more added to avoid lumps. Alternatively you can put it all into a wide necked bottle with all the fluid and shake vigorously to blend. Or use a blender which is handy if you are adding in fresh fruit to make a smoothie. Hope this helps Michael

Do you need to rotate these products or can you for example just use barleygrass continually. Or is it important to use all 4 continuously?

Hello, Is it okay to take chlorella and barley grass powder at the same time? Or should I alternate days? My blood test indicated my folic acid level was extremely high. Kind regards

Yes normally it is fine to take chlorella powder and barley grass powder at the same time, however, you may need to ask your doctor if you are concerned about your Folic acid levels.

We have been working with a consultant nutritionist here at Indigo Herbs lately and he recommends taking superfoods in the week but having a day or two off at the weekend. Some nutritionists prefer 3 weeks on 1 week off. The thing to remember is that these things are sources of food. It's always a good idea to vary your diet. Some people like to achieve this by rotating and some take their chosen super nutrition continuously, but have breaks. I think for most of us this variation happens naturally when you run out of something or get too busy for a bit in the mornings! Ultimately you need to do what's right and fits into your lifestyle.

Hi Linda ... Chlorella and wheatgrass are broadly similar and they have similar benefits, but there are some differences. Firstly chlorella is a blue-green algie whilst wheatgrass is a cereal grass. Both are high in protein but chlorella is very high indeed (over 70%). Chlorella also has a reputation for helping the body to get rid of heavy metals and other pollutants although there is scant scientific evidence of this (which means it has not been studied much).

Yes its fine (see above) :D

Following on from conventional chemo which has reduced by some 60% what was diagnosed as stage IV cancer of the colon (with a secondary spread to my liver and peritoneum), I am currently taking quite a lot of raw or semi-cooked grated ginger mixed in with my morning porridge and in soups etc on a daily basis to help reduce the remaining cancers - particularly while I am having a break from chemo.Is it ok to take barley grass capsules as well as ginger - and possibly apricot kernels (for B17)IP6 capsules and pau d'arco tea without possible side effects - as part of the same alternative treatment I am devising for myself? Would be interested to hear your consultant nutritionist's opinion.

Silly question perhaps but here it goes. How do you prepare the smoothie with the 4 super foods' powder - e.g. with water or milk? One spoonful of each powder? I am diabetic so what kind of natural sweetner to use in the preparation?

Dear Michael, Firstly, thank you for the information on ths website. It has been really interesting to read. Searching the net, I can't seem to get clarity into what the difference is between Chlorella and Wheatgrass. I was recommended to take both as I'm currently doing a detox. I'm wondering 'why' if they both do similar things? I was recommended to just stick with Chlorella after my detox. I basically purchased both but am a bit confused.. Thank you for reading my comment:) Linda

Is it ok to take barley grass and wheatgrass at the same time.

Hello, I have suffered with anaemia for several years and now 44 and losing my hair at the front. I had my thyroid tested by my GP and also a herbal nutritionist which came up at normal levels. Sometimes my white blood cells are low too. I have never felt the same since the birth of my son years ago. He was a very large baby. My nutritionist tested my stomach acid levels at this was ridiculously low, she confirmed these are the reasons I lack an appetite and struggle to absorb nutrients from food I intake. I am now taking barley grass and wheat grass every morning, do you recommend I take chlorella and spirulina combined daily too...? Do you recommend me having breaks if so please confirm. I only appoximately 112 pounds or approximately 49kg. You advice would be gratefully appreciated as website can be confusing.

I'm thinking about buying Chlorella and Spirunlina, but concerned about the source of these products. Could you let me know where you source these from? craig.deakin (@) gmail dot com

Hi Barry. Unfortunately we can't provide medical advice however I can tell you that it is perfectly ok to eat plenty of ginger, barleygrass and Pau D'arco tea at the same time. Hope this helps Michael

Which is the best one to use for bloating/stomach problems? Wheatgrass, Chlorella, Barleygrass or Spirulina?

Thanks for this article, really helpful! If you were to advise just one of the above supplements to take which would it be? I am currently taking barley grass for its alkalinity and the benefits it has on digestion. Also love the sense of energy and vitality it gives me. Thanks!

Can you take the two products at the same time or best to take on alternate days?

Hi great was recommended by a friend to take this powder daily as am a HIV carrier!!!.To say the truth I was abit reluctant,but great ,I mean great stuff it is .Have been taking it as a regime for 3 yrs and my CD Count is really unbelievable .No medication worth this stuff.,its cheap and it remains my best therapy.!!!)!))

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