How to use Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura for BODYBUILDING
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30 November 2010

How to use Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura for BODYBUILDING.

Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura is an incredibly popular supplement sold here at Indigo Herbs, we believe this is because of its recognisable and powerful effects on libido and testosterone levels. Tribulus Terrestris is rich in saponins, the active ingredient claimed to increase the body's natural testosterone, hence why it's perfect for bodybuilding.

A popular study showed thatTribulus Terrestris elevated luteinizing hormone (LH) and increased free testosterone levels in active healthy males. The luteinizing hormone has an affect on the leydig cells of the testis and is generally responsible for the production of testosterone; so therefore taking Tribulus Terrestris would be vital if you were experiencing erectile dysfunction or problems with your libido; and the greatest thing is that it’s completely natural!

Why YOU should use Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura for bodybuilding:
If you are a bodybuilder of any level or even just looking to boost testosterone levels to aid your sport / training you should definitely think about using this herb - it's completely natural, being a plant and not a laboratory made chemical like most bodybuilding supplements. It will give you new strength, new aggression and a new will to get bigger better and stronger.

Here at Indigo Herbs we understand bodybuilding is a long term commitment and natural bodybuilding ( not using steroids ) can be very hard, this is why we only sell pure Tribulus Terrestris to give you the biggest testosterone kick. Tribulus Terrestris is a good alternative to any chemical supplements which boost testosterone, as there aren't any nasty side effects.

How to incorporate into your bodybuilding diet:
If you are already taking copious amounts of dietary supplements or simply a morning shake with other herbs in, you can add Tribulus Terrestris to this. If you're working out we would advise you add this to a post workout shake - at first you should add a level teaspoon (if you do not take a morning or post workout shake we would advise mixing with milk, juice or water) and then build it up to two teaspoons.

Generally speaking you should see effects of Tribulus Terrestris after about a week of use whilst bodybuilding.

Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura is available from Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury in a pure powder and a herbal tincture. Indigo Herbs also provide information of the traditional use of Tribulus Terrestris / Gokshura.


I know it works well as if I have a week of any herbs which I like to do every 6 weeks or so I really notice the difference in my energy levels, sleep pattern etc.

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