Wheatgrass & Spirulina Powder Making Superfood Shots - a new method
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04 October 2011
Green shot powder tablets
Superfood breakfast anyone?

Yogi & Superfoodie Claire, about to make up wheatgrass and spirulina at breakfast.

Knowing how to make superfood shots, like wheatgrass juice and spirulina, from their powders, is essential if you want to include a useful amount of these superfoods in your diet. There are of course many methods for doing this and from talking to some of our customers I know that different methods fit into different lifestyles. If you are the sort of person that prepares fresh fruit and veg smoothies each morning at the juicer / food processor you will have a different approach to the sort of person who gets up 15 minutes before leaving the house and wants to make up some wheatgrass and spirulina to drink on the way to the gym.

"Hearing about these methods is always interesting to me so, on a recent visit to Jersey, I was really pleased to discover another method" - The Milk Frother.

Claire Corson is a yoga instructor who is also a fan of Indigo Herbs Superfoods. She has been using a milk frother to make up her wheatgrass and spirulina for some time now. "We are currently developing our house so the entire downstairs is a building site and we have no kitchen whatsoever. Because of this I have very limited options when it comes to preparing any food at all. It turned out that my battery operated milk frother is perfect for making up superfood shots. I take wheatgrass and spirulina every day but I did not want to compromise my diet because of my lack of kitchen." She told me.

One of the benefits of this method is it's simplicity. "All I do is put a teaspoon of each powder into a glass, fill it with orange juice and whizz it up. It only takes a minute or so and because the frother is batterey powered, I can still take wheatgrass and spirulina when I am camping or at festivals." said Claire.

Superfood shot , wheatgrass and spirulina being made up

The frother method in action - surprisingly effective.



Genius! I did it this morning because I didn't have time to make a shake. Thank you so much for such an amazing idea.

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