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Celebrating New Life & Fertility - Beltane is Here!

The beginning of May heralds the start of summer in the Ancient Celtic Wheel of the Year calender, and its a festival that celebrates fertility, sexuality, and the vibrancy of life that summertime brings. Find out more about this ancient nature festival and how to celebrate it today.

Six Foods & Herbs For Allergy Season

Nutritional therapist Vivien Aldred looks at six healing foods & herbs that can help to combat springtime allergies. These plants all have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties and can help in the prevention and treatment of the uncomfortable symptoms of allergies such as running nose, itchy skin and constant sneezing. Its a good time to start introducing these foods & herbs into the diet at the beginning of spring, and continuing to take them regularly throughout the allergy season for maximum impact.

Hay Fever Relief Oil with Peppermint & Lavender

This hay fever relief oil recipe created by blogger The Sparkle Nest can be applied to your sinuses and the bottom of your feet to help ease your hay fever symptoms. As an anti-inflammatory, Peppermint oil can help to unclog the sinuses and can help to wake you up if you're suffering with hay fever fatigue. Lavender is a great addition as it is a natural anti-histamine.

Six Superfoods for That Springtime Energy Boost

Nutritional therapist Vivien Aldred picks out six energy boosting foods that will get you in the mood for spring! Most of our bodies need a little kick start at the end of winter and these foods can help give your body the nutritional boost it needs to switch up for the change in season.

Beetroot, Acai & Cordyceps Smoothie Recipe

This Beetroot, Acai & Cordyceps Smoothie with a Banana and Blueberry base marries earthy flavours with the sweetness of the fruit beautifully. Beetroot is excellent for promoting healthy circulation and makes a great blood tonic. Acai is full of anti-oxidants and vitamin C & E and Cordyceps is renowned for its ability to improve energy, stamina, endurance and longevity.

Six Top Tips For Spring Detox

The team from The College of Naturopathic Medicine share their six top tips for a springtime detox. Offering down to earth sound practical advice, this article gives a quick steer in the right direction to give your body that springtime boost its been waiting for. Springtime is a great time to shift some unhealthy patterns and add some extra body focused TLC to your lifestyle.

Super Greens Detox Smoothie Recipe

Great for shaking off blues and bouncing into the day, this smoothie is detoxifying, nourishing, hydrating and energising. A wonderul pick-me-up if you're feeling sluggish and tired - pour your glass half full and you'll feel better in no time!

Six Simple Suggestions For Serenity

Anxiety is a natural feeling that happens to most of us and in this blog naturopath Gareth Bilton looks at six easy ways to combat anxiety and find your inner calm through simple natural techniques and the use of aromatherapy oils and herbs. Find out more about how you can take a step towards serenity.

Magical Adaptogenic Matcha Elixir Recipe

Remember when matcha lattes were all the craze?! Now you can make a magical, functional, adaptogenic matcha elixir! Not only is it more frothy, creamy and delicious, but it’s also packed with healing benefits. This drink is incredibly rich in antioxidants and can boost your metabolism. Great as a breakfast beverage as a natural energy booster. It's more than just a drink!

Which Herbs are Best for Springtime?

Herbalist Leyla El Moudden looks at the health benefits of the springtime herbs that grow in abundance at this time of year. How can Nettle, Cleavers, Burdock, Lemonbalm and Plantago help our bodies get ready for spring, it seems that mother nature provides us with the right antioxidant rich, anti-allergen herbs to deal with the change of season.

Lemon Balm & Chamomile Hay Fever Relief Tea Recipe

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the feelings and symptoms that come with hay fever - calm your body and mind with an infused Chamomile Flowers and Lemon Balm herbal tea blend. A citrus and flowery taste, absolutely delicious. Great to drink just before bedtime, or to start your day first thing in the morning as this blend will soothe the respiratory system.
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