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Why Parents of Young Children Need Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Discover why parents of young children might really benefit from 100% natural herbal aphrodisiacs to combat the exhaustion, stress and potentially de-sexualising experience of having young kids.

Healthy Creamy Green Kale Soup Recipe

Bursting with clean, green superfoods and "souped" up with our delicious Organic Kale Powder! This nutritious soup is great for warming the cockles on a cold winters day.

Imbolc - Celebrating the First Spark of Spring!

Spring is in the air! Imbolc marks the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and is a celebration of beginning and growth. Find out what our ancestors got up to and why this time of year was so important to celebrate. Includes some delicious traditional recipes with a vegan twist.

Ancient Superfoods for Modern Healing

Welcome to Indigo Herbs Global Kitchen! Home to healing herbs, super-spices and one of the most ancient healing systems on earth, we take a trip to India. Discover the history, culture and what led this vibrant country down its unique culinary path - including some delectable, vegan super-spiced recipes.

Nutty Nutritious Veggie Masala Recipe

With a luscious, creamy texture this spicy delight isn't for the faint hearted! Smooth and with balanced flavours, this tasty curry will transport you straight to India. The sauce is packed with heart healthy nuts and complimented with your favourite vegetables - a winning combination and a treat for your tastebuds.

Loving Yourself Mango Lassi Recipe

Lassi is a hugely popular Indian drink, it is often referred to as the world's first smoothie and is well known for having ayurvedic healing properties with a calming effect on the stomach and mind. With tangy mango and delicately spiced, this is the perfect accompaniment to many an Indian dish.

5 Easy Ways to Harness the Power of Chaga!

Placed in a Kingdom of their own, apart from plants and animals, mushrooms are truly unique. Revered by some of the world's greatest healing systems find out how you can incorporate "The King of the Medicinal Mushrooms" - Chaga - into your life!

Wild Mushroom Chaga Soup Recipe

Take Wild Mushroom Soup to a whole new level by harnessing the power of Chaga Mushroom and using it as soup stock! Deep intense mushroom flavours combined with the potent antioxidant effects of this miracle mushroom - this is an amazingly delicious health tonic as well as a soup.

Beat the Winter Blues with our Top 5 Motivational Herbs & Superfoods

Need some motivation as the colder weather sets in? Nature is on hand with some amazing herbs, renowned for their ability to boost energy and improve mental clarity. Couple these with an array of Superfoods that provide your body with the perfect nutrition to achieve your aims and you certainly won't be letting the cold weather get in the way of keeping yourself in tip-top condition!

Soup-er Greens Soup Recipe

Perfect for warming you up on a chilly winters day, this super soup will give you a powerful nutritional boost. Packed full of goodness to help clear out those post holiday cobwebs, this recipe is filling, delicious and nutritious.

Help Yourself Detox

Assist your body to detox the natural way with some great tips from the experts at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Find out which foods, superfoods and herbs you can use to gently rid your body of toxins.
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