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How To Unlock The Spring Magic This Equinox

Will spring ever return? What are the true origins of easter? Why do we have easter eggs? Find out more about the ancient celtic festival to celebrate the spring equinox and join us for a healthy plantbased springtime easter feast - recipes included

How Do Herbal Adaptogens Beat Stress?

Naturopath & Herbalist Leyla El Moudden looks at Herbal Adaptogens and explains which herbs are good for combating stress, boosting energy and recovery and helping the body 'adapt' to extreme circumstances. Find out how the herbs Brahmi, Rhodiola, Astragalus and Schisandra berry can help you go stress free.

Vegan Shiitake Mushroom & Spinach Pie Recipe

Enjoy this Mushroom & Spinach Pie as a hearty lunch or delicious dinner. This pie recipe is vegan and made with the adaptogen shiitake mushroom powder for a tasty boost of mushroom flavour! The creamy filling is packed with nutritious ingredients including; tofu, nutritional yeast and corn flour. With these easy to follow instructions you can make your own gluten-free pastry using our fibre rich brown rice flour.

The Natural Way To Balance Hormones For Women

Feeling off kilter? Your endocrine system is responsible for keeping things in harmony, but sometimes it can get out of balance due to hormone changes. There's good news though – nourishing your endocrine system with balancing foods and herbs can be a great way to start finding your inner stability once more. Nutritionists Vivien Allred looks at which foods and herbs can help.

Maca Vegan Smoothie Bowl Recipe

This Maca Vegan Smoothie Bowl makes an excellent, nutrition packed breakfast. If you have a stressful morning ahead, this recipe will help you to keep a balanced and calm approach. One of the chief ingredients is hormone balancing Maca, a powerful adaptogen that will nourish the endocrine system and is full of brain boosting B vitamins. A hefty dose of high quality plant protein comes from the Hemp Protein Powder, guaranteed to keep you full until lunchtime.

Top 10 Superfoods for a Vegan Pregnancy

Nutritionist Vivien Alred looks at how a vegan diet can provide enough of the building blocks, vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy pregnancy. She tackles the challenge of ensuring that the essential nutritional bases are covered. You may have been warned about all the foods you need to avoid during pregnancy, but this article will share with you the top 10 superfoods you can eat safely, in order to make sure your meeting your nutritional needs- from plant-based foods.

Homemade Superfood Nut Milk Recipe

Making your own nut milk is really simple, it only takes a few minutes to create and is an easily adaptable recipe. Nut milk is so versatile and can be used in smoothies, porridge, overnight oats, coffee and hot chocolate etc. what's even better is it's vegan & dairy-free! A creamy nutty tasty Maca milk for health and enjoyment. A wonderful nourishing staple for a healthy vegan pregnancy.

Super 7 Herbs & Foods For Post Natal Recovery

Nutritionist Viven Allred recommends that 7 best herbs and superfoods for after having a baby. Healing the body is paramount in the postnatal period and optimum nutrition and herbs can really help out. Discover which herbs and superfoods you can include in your diet to ensure postnatal recovery goes well.

Oatmeal Slice Recipe with Maca & Figs for New Mums

This is a lovely nourishing recipe and makes a great snack for eating after having a baby. These oatmeal slices contain considerably less fat than a flapjack and are sweetened with only fruit, providing essential nutrients and energy including; Maca to balance postnatal hormones, Figs and Apricots that are naturally high in calcium, Almonds for magnesium and Oats to aid lactation and also give slow release energy throughout those long days and nights.

The Guide to Gluten-free Flours

Here we have THE guide to gluten-free baking and making! Coeliac and Gluten-free Blogger Nutritiously Naughty gives her tried and tested advice on using gluten-free flours, she explains the consistency and action of each of the flours and indicates what they are best used for. Let's get baking.

Carrot & Sundried Tomato Savoury Muffins Recipe

Who says muffins always have to be a sweet treat? Wrong… savoury muffins are also absolutely delicious. These vegan and gluten-free muffins are packed with the delicious flavour from the sundried tomatoes and the walnuts. A super healthy and delicious snack that can be enjoy with the whole family.
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