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Ancient Rites & Dark Nights - Winter Solstice Celebrations

As the longest night approaches in the northern hemisphere and Winter Solstice is upon us (December 21st), we take a look at some ancient traditions that are still honoured in a modern day Christmas. This blog includes 2 great recipes for Superfood Hot Chocolate and a Pure Vegan Chocolate Yule Log!

9 Ways to Stay Happy, Healthy and Hangover Free This Christmas

It's time to don your glad rags, the festive party season is here! However it doesn't need to take it's toll on your health - find out more about how to stay happy, healthy and hangover free this season - including 9 top tips which should keep you bright eyed and bushy tailed well into the New Year.....

Superfood Rainbow Latte Recipe

These superfood rainbow lattes are the perfect mid-winter feel good treat. Choose from GREEN MATCHA: packed full of minerals & antioxidants that'll nourish the immune system. YELLOW TURMERIC: a spicy cleansing choice that will get you up and raring to go in the morning or PINK BEETROOT that has a delicious sweet & earthy taste with a great source of folic acid & iron.

Top Ten Adaptogen Foods & Herbs For Wellbeing & Balance

A guide to the top ten adaptogen foods & herbs. These plants help the body do just that - adapt to stress - by acting like buffers against the stress response. Including adaptogen foods & herbs in your daily diet during the winter can help bring about balance, well being, and strengthen the body to fight off viruses, common colds and flu.

Adaptogenic Morning Hot Chocolate Recipe

Swap your morning coffee for this divine yet healthy hot chocolate. Packed with adaptogenic herbs, it will not only help your body to easily adapt to the stresses and strains of daily life, it will sustain you throughout the day with a steady supply of energy. Powerfully antioxidant and immune boosting, put a spring back into your step the natural way this winter!

Top 5 Black Foods & Their Amazing Health Benefits

Black is the new Green! Black foods are loaded with antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals. Ever wondered what makes a blueberry blue? The same pigment that makes black foods black - anthocyanins - one of the most powerful known antioxidants. Discover which black foods you should be eating to promote mid-winter optimum nutrition and vibrant health.

Organic Coconut Flower Bark Recipe

Christmas Gift Idea: Why not try making this Organic edible flower Coconut Bark? It's a treat for the eye as well as the palate! Oodles of creamy coconut combined with superfruit powder make for a delicious, creamy and healthy treat. Not only packed with nutrition, this scrumptious bark is bursting with healthy fats too!

Foods to Boost Your Immunity Against Colds and Flu

Find out which foods can boost your body's immunity and prevent you from catching the proverbial common cold or flu. Try out these recipes, nurture yourself and your family's health from the kitchen this season.

Immune Boosting Turmeric & Autumn Squash Soup Recipe

This is a fiery yet sweet soup and its perfect for cold autumn days. Smooth and satisfying and of course packed with immune boosting spices to protect you from winter illness. Containing the Queen of The Spices – Turmeric – known for its powerful antioxidant qualities and topped with vegan cashew nut cream. Truly nourishing.

Cacao & Pistachio Christmas Bark Recipe

Christmas gift idea: Why not try this easy to make Cacao Christmas Bark recipe? A decadent and healthy sweet treat to make for your loved ones, it’s pretty much guaranteed that your friends and family will be begging for more. Feel free to mix up your fruit and nut combos. Try pumpkin seeds, raisins, papaya, ginger, pineapple, walnuts… the list goes on so use your imagination. Happy making!

Christmas Raw Chocolate Spiced Donuts Recipe

All you need is a bite of these funky donuts and you'll be able to taste the festive season! Flavoured with true tastes of Christmas; mixed spice, maple syrup, nuts, seeds and chocolate. These vegan & gluten-free donuts are packed full of healthy, nutritious superfoods as well as being an indulgent treat.
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