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Nutritionists Guide To Sprouting Seeds

Nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche gives us the what, the why, and the how of sprouting seeds. It's simple to sprout seeds at home on your kitchen windowsill and this process activates the seed's nutrients and enzymes and makes a delicious addition to a salad or sandwich.

Holistic Ways To Enhance Your Health

Naturopath Gareth Bilton looks at how to approach your health and well-being from a holistic perspective. He offers an alternative perspective to the mindset of looking for solutions to fix symptoms of ill health, that is about prevention rather than cure and seeing the whole picture. Read more....

The Ultimate Revitalising Smoothie Recipe

It's super simple to make, tastes creamy and delicious and will not only give you a boost of vitamins and minerals but will also help to give you an extra burst of energy. Drink this smoothie for breakfast and feel your energy levels empowered!

How Can Superfoods Support Fasting For Weight Loss

Nutritional therapist Vivien Alred looks at how the dense nutrition available in superfoods can support losing weight in a healthy balanced way when you are using intermittent fasting or the 5:2 diet. Read more ...

Vegan Sushi Seaweed Salad Recipe

Everything that is tasty about vegetarian sushi is combined to make an easy to eat bowlful that is full of important vitamins and minerals. Sweet Japanese vinegar and pickled ginger are used to balance out the salty soy and sea vegetables and the spicy gingery dressing. Seaweeds contain high levels of calcium, iron and magnesium and are a great addition to any diet.

Foods & Herbs For Weight-Loss Motivation

Nutritional therapist Vivien Alred takes a look at how motivation is key to weightloss, in this blog she looks at which herbs and foods can support motivation and help you stay on track with your goals.

Healthy Creamy Green Kale Soup Recipe

Enjoy this simple and delicious bright green soup full of your favourite greens. The addition of kale powder gives it a unique taste with the knowledge that you're adding high nutritional content, vitamins & iron. The creaminess of this recipe makes it a very satisfying & fulfilling lunch dish.

How To Support Weight-loss with a Detox Program

Nutritional therapist Vivien Alred looks at how detox is key to weightloss and suggests some gentle and natural detoxifying herbs and foods to support your weightloss goals. Read more.....

Spring Salad with Vegan Coconut Dressing Recipe

This light and fresh Spring Salad is perfect as a healthy lunch or dinner especially for someone who may be looking to get in shape for Summer or just enjoys healthy nutritious food. This salad is vegan, gluten-free and served with a dairy-free citrus coconut dressing. A green salad is a great source of vitamins and proteins.

Six Foods & Herbs For Allergy Season

Nutritional therapist Vivien Aldred looks at six healing foods & herbs that can help to combat springtime allergies. These plants all have anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties and can help in the prevention and treatment of the uncomfortable symptoms of allergies such as running nose, itchy skin and constant sneezing.

Lemon Balm & Chamomile Hay Fever Relief Tea Recipe

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by the feelings and symptoms that come with hay fever - calm your body and mind with an infused Chamomile Flowers and Lemon Balm herbal tea blend. A citrus and flowery taste, absolutely delicious. Great to drink just before bedtime, or to start your day first thing in the morning as this blend will soothe the respiratory system.
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