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Nutritionists Guide To Medicinal Mushrooms

Nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche looks at the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. New research is showing that mushrooms have some interesting health benefits including boosting the immunity, however mycotherapy - the use of mushrooms to treat or heal the body is not a new concept, and has a long history of use. Find out more about how shiitake, reishi, cordeceps and turkey tail mushrooms can be used for their medicinal properties.

Nutritionist Guide To Nuts & Seeds

Nuts and seeds are powerhouses when it comes to nutrition, and can play a key role in a plant based diet. Find out about the health benefits of nuts and seeds and how much to include in your diet from nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche.

Chilli, Lime & Mango Roasted Nuts Recipe

We all know nuts are packed with protein and a great snack to keep your energised throughout the day. The ingredients in this recipes provide a crunchy, yet mildly sweet, unique and zingy addition - providing bouts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. The delicious taste of Mango also provides vitamin C while Chilli can help stimulate digestion. A great snack for work or on the go!

Imbolc - Celebrating the First Spark of Spring

Spring is in the air! Imbolc marks the midway point between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox and is a celebration of beginning and growth. Find out what our ancestors got up to and why this time of year was so important to celebrate. Includes some delicious traditional recipes with a vegan twist.

Vegan Hand Cream Recipe with Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lemon

This hand cream is beautifully rich and moisturising, perfect for dry skin, sensitive skin and chapped hands. It has an amazing aroma from the combination of sweet almond and peach kernel oils. Peach kernel oil is full of minerals, vitamins and skin nourishing fatty acids. Fragranced with the 'Joy' essential oil which is a blissful blend of; grapefruit, bergamot and lemon - this cream will uplift your senses making it a perfect natural beauty product to beat the Winter blues!

Chocolate - A Food of the Gods?

The Cacao Bean is brimming with feel good phyto-chemicals and nutrients, and this might well be the reason why the Mayans and Aztecs saw this bean as sacred and a food sent by the gods. Find out more about why chocolate makes you feel good and discover some healthy ways to include this superfood in your daily diet

Raw Chocolate & Beetroot Valentine Heart Brownie Recipe

Fall in love with this dairy-free, vegan heart recipe. With 3 layers of no-bake yumminess, these gorgeous valentine hearts are simple to make. Perfect treats to enjoy any time of day. The indulgent flavours are gorgeous, berry and chocolatey. Sweetened with maple syrup and vegan chocolate drizzle.

Foods to Boost Your Immunity Against Colds and Flu

Find out which foods can boost your body's immunity and prevent you from catching the proverbial common cold or flu. Try out these recipes, nurture yourself and your family's health from the kitchen this season.

Golden Turmeric Milk & Chocolate Turmeric Cookies Recipe

Dip these crunchy, chocolate turmeric cookies into gorgeous spiced turmeric milk, for a warming evening superfood supper snack. Turmeric is a powerful cleansing spice, packed with antioxidants known as a brain boosting and immune boosting superfood. This supper snack is not only delicious but leaves you guilt free knowing that the Turmeric is working to better your health!

How Do Herbal Adaptogens Beat Stress?

Naturopath & Herbalist Leyla El Moudden looks at Herbal Adaptogens and explains which herbs are good for combating stress, boosting energy and recovery and helping the body 'adapt' to extreme circumstances.

Chocolate & Tahini Mushroom Shake Recipe

A delicious, filling and nourishing smoothie shake that will comfort your stomach with the power of healing mushrooms. The ingredients will keep you satisfied for hours, due to the fat, fibre and protein. Perfect as a breakfast shake or enjoyed as an afternoon treat. Satisfy the chocolate craving by drinking this goodness.
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