Beetroot Benefits

Latin Name

Beta vulgaris

Parts Used


Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Beetroot has traditionally been to treat a variety of ailments including fevers, constipation, wounds and various skin problems.
Beetroot is highly nutritious and even contains a unique pigment antioxidant which has been found to offer protection against stroke and coronary artery disease. As well as lowering cholesterol and significantly lowering blood pressure.
Other Nutritional benefits include: high levels of fibre, vitamins and minerals.
Beetroot has been known to speed up detoxification in the liver, harmful substances, for example, Alcohol can be excreted quicker than normal.
Beetroot also has a long history of use as an Aphrodisiac, with some referring to it as “Natures Viagra”.

Typical Use

Suggested Dosage
Suggested Dosage: 1-3 tbsp. of beetroot powder 1-3 times a day.

Folklore and History

In early times the medicinal properties of Beetroot were thought to be greater than the nutritional properties.
The popularity of Beetroot massively grew around the Victorian times; this was because of its vibrant and attractive colour, making it a chef’s choice for brightening up salads and soups.


10-15% of population experience red urine when consumed high amounts of Beetroot, this has no apparent consequence.

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