Black Storax Benefits

Black Storax
Latin Name

Liquidambar orientalis

Also Known As

Storax, Oriental Sweetgum


Turkey and Southwest Asia

Parts Used

Bark, Resin

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Black Storax is obtained from the Liquidambar Orientalis tree. When struck, the tree’s trunk produces a sap which is mixed with finely chopped bark, before being left to macerate for several months. The resulting compound, Black Storax resin, has a warm and balsamic, sweet, flowery, intense and slightly grassy fragrance and will add a sweet note to any incense blend.

Black Storax Benefits


Throughout history, Black Storax has been burned to promote feelings of relaxation, calmness and to enhance the meditative state.

It is also recommended as an aid to a deep and invigorating sleep – helping with insomnia and lack of sleep caused by stress and anxiety.

In many ancient traditions, Black Storax is used to drive away negativity and as an aphrodisiac.

Respiratory Health

On a physical level, Black Storax has an antibacterial effect and can be used to suppress persistent coughing may help to relieve symptoms of the common cold.

Typical Use

Burn Black Storax on a lit charcoal, this incense is a heady, floral, warming aroma and blends very well with myrhh, copal, frankinsence, and rose amongst others.

Folklore and History

Black Storax was revered by the Egyptians and Phoenicians, who regarded it as a rare a precious incense. It was known in ancient Egypt as “Miniaki” which translates as “festive fragrance”.

Used in many ancient recipes, it is mentioned in the “Abraxas Magical Papyri” - a document that can be traced back to Egypt’s Graeco-Roman period listing a number of magical spells, rituals, formulae and religious hymns.

Black Storax

None known.