Black Storax Benefits

Black Storax
Latin Name

Liquidambar orientalis

Also Known As



Turkey and Southwest Asia

Parts Used

Bark of the tree, balsam

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Since ancient times Black Storax has been used to calm and relax, it is also said to be of aid for insomniacs. It is burnt to protect against negativity in many magical traditions. It also has sensual, love inspiring qualities.

Typical Use

Burn Black Storax on a lit charcoal, this incense is a heady, floral, warming aroma and blends very well with myrhh, copal, frankinsence, and rose amongst others.

Folklore and History

Black Storax resin has been used since the days of ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, it was known in ancient Egypt as 'Miniaki' which translates as "festive fragrance". Phoenician traders treasured it for its wonderful aromatic properties. Black Storax is called for in many medieval and ancient recipes.

Black Storax

None known.