Damiana Benefits

Latin Name

Turnera diffusa

Also Known As

Damiana, damiane, oreganillo, the bourrique, Mexican damiana, Mexican holly, damiana de Guerrero


Mexico, Central America, West Indies, and South America

Parts Used


Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Damiana is an Aphrodisiac and has earned its reputation as a male and female sexual stimulant, used to treat erectile dysfunction and inability to reach orgasm, particularly where sexual inadequacy has a strong emotional content.

It is an anti- depressant and is known to strengthen and tonify the central nervous system and is used for emotional stress, including anxiety, depression and mood disorders. It is also thought to be helpful in conditions of obsessive compulsive disorder.

It is a general hormone balancer, and is used for menstrual irregularities, including coming off the birth control pill, headaches, exhaustion and hot flushes.

It is a tonic and diuretic and is also indicated as helpful in the conditions of nervous stomach upsets, colic, gastric ulcers and constipation.

Typical Use

Suggested Dosage
Damiana powder -
1-3 grams up to twice a day,

Damiana fluid extract-
2-4 ml of a liquid extract per day,(can be split up over the day)

Damiana cut herb-
1 teaspoon of cut herb / 1 cup of boiling water, infuse for 10-15 minutes.
Or as recommended by a herbal practitioner

Folklore and History

Damiana is a plant that grows in Mexico, Central America, West Indies and South America and has been traditionally known and used as an Aphrodisiac. It was made into a sweet drink by Mexican Indians and drank to enhance love making.


The main constituents of damiana include: Albuminoids, alpha-copaene, alpha-pinene, arbutin, barterin, beta-pinene, beta-sitosterol, calamenene, caoutchouc, chlorophyll, 1,8-cineole, cymene, cymol, damianin, essential oil, gamma-cadinene, gonzalitosin-i, hexacosanol-1, luteolin, quinovopyranosides, tannins, tetraphyllin b, thymol, triacontane, and trimethoxyflavones.


The leaves have a minor laxative effect and may cause loosening of the stools at higher amounts. Until more is known about damiana's effects on the female hormonal system, it should be avoided during pregnancy.