Dragon's Blood Benefits

Dragon's Blood
Latin Name

Daemomorops draco



Traditional Use and Health Benefits
Many different species go under the name of Dragon' s blood, however this species from Sumatra is known to be the proper Dragon's blood. Dragons blood resin is the tree sap that dries on extraction and is rolled into tears (small balls). Dragons blood is used by many different cultures as a colourant, folk medicine and magical ingredient. It is thought to have magical qualities corresponding to sexual attraction, love and romance, money and abundance. It is used to banish negative energy or unwanted entities. It also has medicinal qualities as a coagulent and wound healer, it is often used as a tincture. The resin is used as a natural dye and colourant.
Typical Use

Used as a tincture or as a resin

Folklore and History

Dragons blood is the name given to many different plant species with a bright red composite. The true Dragons blood is the species Daemomorops draco, it has been used as a medicine and a dye since ancient times. It was highly prized for its medicinal, and magical qualities. It was made into a varnish and used to lacquer furniture and artifacts, giving them a bright red appearance. It was also sought after for use as a dye. It was used to make waxes, seals, poultices and incenses.

Dragon's Blood

Dragons blood is composed of benzoic and benzoyl-acetic acid, dracoresinotannol, dracon alban, and dracorescene.


Not to be taken internally.