Greek Rose Benefits


Mount Athos, Greece

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Rose incense is a good remedy for grief, for letting go, death and loss. It is uplifting and healing to the heart. In this way it is also used for romance and love, to create an atmosphere of true love, it can be used for a ceremony of love such as marriage or handfasting. Rose is also used for devotion in religious ceremonies, for Catholics it symbolizes the love of the Mother Mary, and it is certainly appreciated widely as a feminine scent.

Greek Rose Herbal Incense Resin blends well with other sacred and uplifting incenses such as frankincense or jasmine for a very special blend. It really does have a ceremonial note to it however and can be burnt to welcome a baby, Rose is about opening the heart.

Typical Use

A few nuggets of the roled incense is recommended on a lit charcoal disk.

Folklore and History

This incense has been hand roled by Byzantian Greek orthodox monks on the sacred Mount Athos. It is an ancient tradition and it has been used for religious ceremony and thankgiving. The Rose flowers are also cultivated locally.

Greek Rose

The main chemical components of rose oil are beta-damascenone, beta-damascone, beta-ionone, and rose oxide.


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