Herbal Antidepressants: Energy and Vitality

  Herbal Antidepressants: Energy and Vitality

Stimulating Herbs

A number of herbs are known for their stimulating properties. Stimulants can be just the boost you need to get you into the gym or onto the yoga mat. Check out our collection below. Read our blog article on herbal anti-depressants here.



(Withania somnifera)
Ashwagandha Benefits

Ashwagandha is rejuvenating and strengthening to the nervous system, and it works as a mild depressant to the over agitated nerves whilst nourishing and protecting. So it is excellent for stress induced disorders such as Insomnia, anxiety, neurosis.

Good for... Anxiety, Energy


(Sida cordifolia)
Bala Benefits

Bala is diaphoretic, diuretic, stimulating to the central nervous system and anti-asthmatic. So it would seem to have a stimulating, strengthening, energising effect.

Good for... Energy

Bee Pollen

Bee Pollen Benefits

Full of nutrition, Bee Pollen contains vitamin A, C, D, E, K and B complex, as well as lecithin, beta-carotene and selenium. It has 10 essential enzymes and co-enzymes and is a rich source of folic acid & lecithin.

Good for... Nutrition, Energy


(Cordyceps sinensis)
Cordyceps Benefits

The cordyceps mushroom has an unusual array of constituents making it an excellent choice of superfood for anyone looking to enhance their nutrition. It is well known to help combat the effects of fatigue and ageing and recent studies suggest it may have anti-depressant effect by affecting the adrenergic and dopaminergic systems, but not by affecting the serotonergic system.

Good for... Nutrition, Energy


(Tribulus terrestris)

Gokshura (better known by it's latin name Tribulus terrestris) is well known for improving stamina and performance both physically and sexually for men and women.

It is classed as a herbal remedy for depression because Harmine,one of the active ingredients of Tribulus, is an effective mono-amine-oxidase-inhibitor (MAO inhibitor).

Regular use of Tribulus during the menopause can aid insomnia, hypertension, irritability, and loss of sexual interest at this time, 65% of women treated in one study reported increased sex drive after using this herb.

In Men it stimulates the secretion of leutinising hormone LH, which goes onto stimulate testosterone in the gonads.

Good for... Mood, Energy

Gotu kola

(Hydrocotyle asiatica)
Gotu Kola

Gota kola is sometimes called "food for the brain" and it is used as a brain tonic, known to aid intelligence and memory. It combats stress, by rebuilding energy reserves and increasing mental and physical power. It is a nerve tonic, a promoter of memory and a blood purifier. As a nervine it is recomended for nervous disorders, including senility, premature aging, and epilepsy. It strengthens the adrenal glands and energises the central nervous system.

Good for... Anxiety, Energy


(Paullinia Cupana)
Guarana Benefits

Probably one of the most popular herbal stimulants,

It has a nervine action and is known as a calming yet uplifting tonic, boosting energy levels, enhancing memory and increasing physical endurance.

Good for... Energy


(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Liquorice root is an excellent aid for exhaustion and long term stress as it is an adrenal aid, it nourishes the adrenal glands and can help recovery from ME, overuse of stimulants or any excessive adrenaline related problems.

Good for... Energy

Mucuna / Kapikachhu

(Mucuna pruriens)
Mucuna Pruriens Benefits

Renown as a mood enhancer and libido booster due to it's L-Dopa content. Kappikachhu beans have a wide range of unusual phyto chemicals and a nutritional profile similar to soy beans.

Good for... Anxiety, Mood, Nutrition, Energy

Rhodiola Rosea

(Rhodiola rosea)

Rhodiola Rosea optimises the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body, meaning reduced stress levels and fatigue as well as increased mental and physical performance.

Good for... Anxiety, Mood, Energy


(Schisandra chinensis)

Schizandra are known for their adaptogen properties. This means that they assist the bodies systems in adapting to stressors and achieving the balance of health. They also replenish the adrenals so are indicated for recovering from exhaustion or overuse of stimulants.

Good for... Mood, Energy

Siberian Ginseng

(Eleutherococcus Senticosus)
Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian Ginseng is an adaptogen, and it encourages the adrenal glands to secrete stress fighting hormones.

It is indicated as a preventative for a wide range of problems including nervous breakdown and depression.

Good for... Mood, Energy