Herbal Loose Teas For Lifting The Mood

  Herbal Loose Teas For Lifting The Mood

Here are some herbal teas known for their uplifting qualities. Explore with single herbal teas and be inspired by making herbal tea blends. The purpose of an uplifting herbal tea is to banish the blues. These herbs have anti-depressant qualities and are known for balancing mood and harmonising brain chemistry

Make Herbal loose tea your daily ritual.



(Turnera diffusa)
Damiana Benefits

Damiana Tea is brought to you all the way from South American rainforests. It has been used there as an aphrodisiac since its discovery hundreds of years ago. With an amazingly pungent aroma and unique taste, Damiana Tea is a great blending herb to go with other loose leaf teas. Why not try making your own special aphrodisiac blend to drink with a loved one. It has also been known to be a great herb for lifting the spirits.

1 - 2 teaspoons of bark in water. Set in pan over heat for 15 minutes to make a decoction.

Tea benefits... Aphrodisiacs, Blues, Men, Peace and Wellbeing



Jasmine flowers have an age old tradition of being associated with beauty. Their fragrance intoxicates and enhances the senses. This herbal tea has the power to calm and arouse making it great anytime of the day. Traditionalists might like to mix Jasmin Flowers with Sencha Green Tea or you could mix it with other blends to add aroma and taste. A highly enjoyable cup of tea.

Tea benefits... Aphrodisiacs, Blues, De-Stress, Peace and Wellbeing, Skin and Beauty, Tastes Good, Women

Lemon Peel

(Citrus Limonum)

1-2 teaspoons of loose peel in one cup of hot water, steep for 10 - 15 minutes.


Tea benefits... Blues, Children, Digestive, Tastes Good, Women