Childbearing Years Herbal Teas

  Childbearing Years Herbal Teas

Here are some herbal teas known to be of use in the childbearing years. Explore with single herbal teas and be inspired by making herbal tea blends. The purpose of herbal teas for the childbearing years is to support the health and well being of a woman through pregnancy, birth and breast feeding. The purpose of herbal teas for children is to nourish health and well being. These teas are gentle and often calming and nourishing. All of these herbs are safe to give to children for simple common conditions such as digestive discomfort, sore throats and restlessness. For children make a herbal tea and allow it to cool, then sweeten with a little honey or fruit juice, can be served in a drinking cup.

Make Herbal loose tea your daily ritual.

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(Rubus idaeus)

1- 2 teaspoon of cut herb or powder per 1 cup of boiling water, infuse for 10-15 minutes.


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