Hoodia Gordonii Benefits

Hoodia Gordonii
Latin Name

Hoodia Gordonii


South Africa

Parts Used

Fleshy part of the stem

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Hoodia Gordonii has received lots of attention in the west because it is known to suppress the appetite and promote weight loss. However there are lots of products that do not contain the botanical substance, so care must be taken. 

Hoodia Gordonii is now used as a weight loss aid. Because of its appetite suppressing properties it actually cuts down on the amount of calories consumed, thus burning up the fat reserves of the body. Hoodia Gordonii extract is also thought to have aphrodisiac qualities for men and women. 

The chemical constituents of Hoodia act like Glucose in the body, and send messages to the brain that the appetite has been satisfied. The active constituent is known as P57, which is a, and thought to be responsible for the appetite suppression.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), one billion adults that are approximately overweight currently exist in the world, of which three hundred million are obese. These numbers led to the finding that obesity appears as a major global epidemic, affecting countries in all stages of development.

So Hoodia Gordonii stands out as a natural solution to this problem.   The anti-appetite properties of Hoodia have been confirmed in pharmacological tests, however clinical trials have not been published. There are however many reports that hoodia is effective, and there is a substantial history of use as a traditional Africa solution to fasting.
Typical Use

This is a ready to eat powder and can be added to water. Suggested dosage range is 1-2g per day. It is recommended that the powder is added to a large glass of water (300ml) as taking the powder with water increases effectiveness.

Folklore and History
Other Names: Bobbejaanghaap, bergghaap, bitterghaap, Khobab.    Hoodia Gordonii is a green prickly plant native to South Africa. Used by the Kalahari Bushmen on lengthy hunting trips, the plant was ground down into powder and taken to suppress the appetite. Not only did it stave off hunger but it is also known traditionally to bring strength, focus, energy and wellbeing. It also has a history of use in treating indigestion and small infections.  Hoodia Gordonii

Steroid glycosides, fatty acids, plant sterols and polar organic material.


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