Motherwort Benefits

Latin Name

Leonurus cardiaca

Also Known As

Motherwort, Lions Tail, lion's ear, throwwort


Found throughout Europe

Parts Used

Aerial parts used

Traditional Use and Health Benefits
Motherwort is indicated for use in heart disease, and can be incorporated into a treatment plan. It is thought to be effective in relieving insomnia and anxiety, whilst easing the user of depression. It is widely known as a uterine stimulant and holds an age-old role in encouraging strong effective contractions in childbirth and bringing on menstruation if it is withheld.   It is also known to be good as a relaxing tonic taken to aid menopausal changes.
Typical Use
Motherwort dried cut herb  Take 1-2 teaspoons of the herb per cup of boiling water. Leave infusion of herbs to steep for 10 minutes, then drink the tea, Up to 3 times per day Motherwort can be bitter so sweeten with honey.   Motherwort Herbal Tincture- Take 1-4ml up to 3 times daily 1:4 extraction ratio 25% alcohol volume Or as recommended by a herbal practitioner
Folklore and History

17th centaury herbalist the famous Culpepper wrote, "There is no better herb to take melancholy vapors from the heart... and make a merry, cheerful soul." As well as viewing this herb as an anti-depressant, he also saw it to be good for heart palpitations, fainting, swooning, for settling women's wombs, to help with childbirth and bring on delayed or suppressed menstruation.

Iridoids, leonuride, Diterpenes, such as leocardin, Flavonoids such as rutin, quinqueloside, genkwanin, quercitin, quercetrin, isoquercetrin, hyperoside, apigenin, and caffeic acid.

Not recommended for people taking anticoagulants- blood thinners, aspirin, garlic, willow bark, vitamin E in supplement form, or people with clotting disorders