Opopanax Benefits & Information

Latin Name

Commiphora holtziana



Parts Used


Traditional Use and Health Benefits

The resin is extracted from the plant by making an insertion into the stem and allowing the sap to flow out. The resin is dark reddish when dried.
When burned as an incense it has a heady, heavy, musky, spicey, rich, physically embodying smell. It is often used as an incense to evoke, stimulate and awaken sensory perception or awareness. It is thought to be purifying and cleansing, and to heighten intuitive awareness.

Typical Use

Use as an incense on lit charcoal disks, alone or mixed with other resins.


Opopanax consists of a-Thujene, a-Pinene, Terinen-4-ol, Limonene, trans-verbenol.