Palo santo Benefits

Palo santo
Latin Name

Bursera graveolens

Also Known As

Holy Wood


Amazon, Equador, Peru

Parts Used

Wood of Tree

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Used for thousands of years by the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon for its medicinal properties and fragrance, Palo Santo truly deserves its name as the "Holy Wood".

Spiritually, Palo Santo incense is often used for purification, meditation, to increase flow of the bodies energy, and to ward off bad energy/spirits, misfortune, and calamity.
Mixes wonderfully with copal and benzoin resins.

Typical Use

It is recommended to use a small handful of powdered wood to burn on a lit charcoal disk.

Folklore and History

Palo Santo Aromatic Wood has been known to indigenous peoples of the Amanzonian region since ancient times to soothe and calm the spirit and rid the homeplace of negative energy. It comes from ancient sacred trees that grow in the Amazonian jungles of Ecuador and Peru.

Palo santo

None known.