Pine Benefits

Latin Name

Pinus sylvestris

Also Known As

Pine Needles & Pine Resin (Colophony)


Found all over world, in six of the seven continents

Parts Used

Resin and Needles

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Pine resin is the solidified sap of the pine tree.
Pine resin and Pine needles are cleansing and purifying to the environment, when used as incense.
Pine has a clean, fresh, woody, green aroma.
Pine resin and needles can be burnt as incense and create wonderful wintery uplifting aromas. The pine is an anti-bacterial, so it is medicinally cleansing to the atmosphere and it is an expectorant and good for clearing the head, and sinuses.

Typical Use

Pine resin and Pine needles can be used as an incense, they blend very well with other resins and leaves. Use with care as they are very aromatically powerful.

Folklore and History

The native American Indians used Pine medicinally. It was used to treat throat infections, and to clear the space around illness or negativity. The Celts saw it as a tree of protection and strength and burnt the needles to disperse negative energy or sickness. In herb lore Pine was thought to strengthen the nerves and bring courage. To Christians the Pine tree is a symbol of life. More recently the smell of Pine is reminiscent of mid winter and Christmas, due to the popularization of the Christmas tree.


Pinene, Dipentene, Camphene, Myrcene, Monoterpenes, Borneol, Limonene, Anethol, Phenolic ethers.


None known. Avoid use around babies or small children.