Sandarac Benefits

Latin Name

Tetraclinis articulata


North West Africa

Parts Used

Resin from tree

Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Sandarac has a light, balsamic, sweet, and Frankincense like smell. It relaxes, calms and uplifts the user, as its sophoric aroma induces peaceful states and encourages a good nights sleep.

Typical Use
Sandarac Incense (Resin)
Sandarac Incense (Resin)

Use Sandarac resin as an incense, the resin can be blended or burnt alone on charcoal disks.

Folklore and History

In the renaissance era Sandarac was used to make varnish. It was made by melting the resin and adding linseed oil. Sandarac is a folk medicine in Morroco, and it is used to relieve cramps and bring an atmosphere of calm during childbirth. It is also used to make a liquor that is drank for relaxation and medicinal properties. Taking Sandarac internally was known for treating tapeworm and roundworm. It is still burnt in the Arabic world to treat a cold.

Sandarac Incense (Resin)
Sandarac Incense (Resin)
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Sandarac consists of Sandaracopimaric acid, Sandaracopinmarinol, 4-epidehydroabietic acid.


None known.

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