Siberian Ginseng Benefits

Siberian Ginseng
Latin Name

Eleutherococcus snticosus

Also Known As

Ci Wu Jia, Eleuthero


South-East Russia, and Northern China

Parts Used


Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Siberian ginseng is not actually ginseng but it is so called because it works in a similar way. It is an adaptogen, and it encourages the adrenal glands to secrete STRESS FIGHTING HORMONES.

So it is known to strengthen the whole system and help fight colds, flu, fatigue, viral infections, nervous breakdown, depression, environmental toxins, to help the liver detox, and to alleviate menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms.

Siberian ginseng basically boosts the body's capacity to handle stress, ranging from heat exposure to extreme exertion. It helps the body become disease resistant and boosts energy levels.

In a Russian study it was noted that after taking Siberian ginseng regularly, labourers doing hard physical work experienced significant improvements such as:
Improved physical performance
Increased mental clarity
Capacity to adapt to extreme circumstances such as altitude, heat, oxygen.

Siberian ginseng has also been known to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, it is well known to boost mental alertness and improve concentration (has been used in early stages of Alzheimer's). It boosts female fertility, increases testosterone levels in men and is said to increase sperm count, and relieve male impotence and erectile dysfunction. Siberian ginseng is more useful for maintaining good health rather than treating ill health. Siberian Ginseng is reputed to have a normalising effect, bringing the body back into balance. Siberian ginseng may help to protect the body from the debilitating effects of radiotherapy, chemotherapy and surgery. Siberian ginseng contains remarkable compounds that favorably affect the adrenal glands, the small glands that rest atop the kidneys and secrete stress-fighting hormones. Siberian ginseng can increase a person's resistance to physical stresses. Siberian ginseng is popular for invigorating and fortifying the body. By supporting healthy uterine function, Siberian ginseng may be useful in preventing female infertility. Siberian ginseng may increase mental alertness, particularly in the early stages of this progressive disorder.

Typical Use

Siberian Ginseng Herbal powder-
0.5 to 2 grams up to 3 times a day.
or as recommended by a herbal practitioner.

Siberian ginseng Herbal tincture-
1-5mls up to 3 times per day.
or as recommended by a herbal practitioner.

Folklore and History

In China it has an ancient reputation as a LOVE POTION.

Siberian Ginseng

Eleutherosides, Phenylpropanoids, Lignans, Coumarins, Sugars, Polysaccharides, Triterpenoid, saponinis, Glycan.


Do not take if pregnant, breast feeding or with high blood pressure. Not recommended for those taking Digoxin for heart conditions, or Barbituates for sleep or seizures. Not recommended for those taking oral anti-diabetic drugs, such as Warfarin, heparin, aspirin.