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Guarantee a good night’s sleep with an impressive range of relaxing and mildly sedative herbs.

Adequate sleep is a much-underrated essential for good health. During sleep we not only get to rest, but it is also when the body does most of its repair and healing. Insomnia or broken sleep patterns can wreak havoc on us, but fortunately there is lots we can do to alleviate the situation.

Sleeping pills – some of which are potentially addictive – may do the trick but there are many natural alternatives which do not stress the body with artificial chemicals. Herbs, in either tincture form or made into teas, can nourish, soothe and sedate the nervous system.

A diet rich in wholefoods and low in nerve-jangling caffeine also helps. The nicotine in tobacco is highly stimulating, and alcohol can also disrupt sleep. Regular exercise expends surplus energy which can keep us awake at night. A long bath with calming essential oils (perhaps lit only by candles) can help us wind down.

Incidentally, an old cure for insomnia recommended by naturopaths is barefoot walking on the earth (or lawn) for 10-15 minutes just before bedtime. This grounds the buzzy static electricity in the body – try it!

The premium-quality botanicals listed below are not just for insomniacs, however. Many are useful aids to just relaxing. And with the stressful lives we lead, we could all do with more of that. We are sure you will find something your overwrought nerves will thank you for.

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(Withania somnifera)
Ashwagandha Benefits

Ashwagandha is the tonic for the 21st centuary lifestyle, it is said to bring "the strength of a stallion". It is known as Indian Ginseng. It is used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ashwagandha is rejuvenating and strengthening to the nervous system, and it works as a mild depressant to the over agitated nerves whilst nourishing and protecting. So it is excellent for stress induced disorders such as Insomnia, Anxiety, Neurosis.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, so it helps the body and mind adapt to stress that cannot be avoided, whilst strengthening and calming the mind and body. Ashwagandha is a herbal sleeping remedy.


Avena sativa

(Avena sativa)
Avena sativa benefits

Probably the oldest known oat grains were found in Egypt among remains of the 12th Dynasty, which was about 2,000 B.C. These probably were weeds and not actually cultivated by the Egyptians. The oldest known cultivated oats were found in caves in Switzerland that are believed to belong to the Bronze Age. Today Oats are largely a European and North American crop. Avena Sativa is a herbal sleeping remedy.



(Matricaria Chamomilla )
Chamomile Benefits

Chamomile is thought of as one of the "Heal all" remedies of the herbal world. It is relaxing, calming, anti-inflammatory, gentle, a natural sedative, and safe for kids. It is good for insomnia, sleep disturbances, and anxiety as it is a natural tranquiliser. However it is also good for wound healing, burns and is generally good for skin and hair. It can be used in a mouthwash and can treat gingivitis. (gum disease) It makes an excellent sore throat gargle and will sooth and calm nasal membranes during coughs and colds where there is catarrh. Chamomile is a classic herbal sleeping remedy, generally made into tea.



(Lavandula officinalis)

Lavender is known for its peaceful, soothing and calming qualities. It helps with sleeplessness, headaches, and irritability as it is calming to the mind. It is uplifting and aids with clearing low energy, as it is invigorating to a tired brain. It is also known as an anti-depressant. Lavender is so gentle and soothing for the nervous system, it calms and balances excessive nervousness and states of anxiety. Lavender is also an antiseptic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal agent and is the premier plant for healing burns, wounds, sores and stings. Lavender is the classic mental and psychical relaxant and is a brilliant herbal sleeping remedy to promote better sleep.



(Viscum alba loranthaceae)

In Norse mythology it was the God of peace Balder, that inspired Mistletoe to become the kissing plant. When struck by an arrow, his life was restored so his parents gave Mistletoe to the Norse Goddess of love and she dedicated it to its widely used modern purpose. Mistletoe can benefit your relexation and work as a herbal sleeping aid.


Passion Flower

(Passiflora incarnate)

Passion flower is a well known tonic for the nervous system, it is a natural sedative and tranquiliser. It is an anti-spasmodic herb and has been used for treating seizures, hysteria, uterine pains, and aches and pains of all kinds. Passion Flower is often used as a herbal sleeping remedy.



(Scutellaria lateriflora)
Skullcap Benefits

Skullcap is known to calm nervous tension and anxiety, it acts as a natural tranquilizer. It is a tonic for the nervous system and can help both physically and psychologically. Skullcap is one of the most potent herbal sleeping remedies.


St John's Wort

(Hypericum perforatum)
St John's Wort Benefits

St Johns wort plant has a long history of use in herbal medicine. It was used traditionally to treat wounds, inflammation, ulcers, sciatica, neuralgia and rheumatism as it is anti-inflammatory and pain relieving in action. St Johns Wort is an effective herbal sleeping remedy.



(Valeriana officinalis)
Valerian Benefits

Valerian is a natural sedative and relaxant, it calms the nervous system and is perhaps one of the most useful relaxing nervines available to us. It is nature's tranquiliser and can promote sleep and relieve pain. Valerian (along with skullcap) is the main herb we recommend to our customers as a herbal sleeping remedy, due to its undeniable effects of relaxation and herbal sleeping promotion.



(Valeriana officinalis)
Valerian Benefits

A herb that's renown for calming and relaxing the body. Perfect for getting a good nights rest.


Wild Lettuce

(Lactuca virosa)
Wild Lettuce Benefits

Wild lettuce is a natural sedative, it is very good for an over-excited nervous system. It is particually good for hyperactive children, and can be of considerable help with symptoms of over-excitement or inability to sleep. Wild lettuce is known as "lettuce opium" it is also helpful for adults who suffer from insomnia, restlessness, anxiety or neurosis.