Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali
Latin Name

Eurycoma longifolia

Also Known As

Also called Longjack, Native to Indonesia, Malaysia, traditional history of use by SouthEast Asian cultures

Parts Used


Traditional Use and Health Benefits

Tongkat Ali is grown all over the world but the plant was originally native to Malaysia. In the wild the Tongkat Ali tree grows in the jungle and has a very long root that grows directly into the soil. Being very difficult to harvest and rich in phytobontanicals, the root is then made into powder that cam be consumed.

Also known as Longjack, this plant has long been known as an Aphrodisiac in traditionally Asian herbalism. It also has these actions: Anti-bacterial, Cyto-toxic and Anti-malarial, so it would have had great use in the jungle.

It is most well known however for its testosterone building properties and has become popular as a natural botanical supplement for athletes and body builders. This testosterone boosting power however gives it these uses: Sexual aid for men and women, Increases libido, Muscle Building, Testosterone Booster, Bodybuilding aid, Increased sperm production.

Typical Use

300mg - 800mg per day (taking a few days off every week).

Folklore and History

Also known as: penawar pahit, penawar bias, bedara merah, bedara putih, lempedu pahit, payong ali, tongkat baginda, muntah bumi, petala bumi (all the above Malay); bidara laut (Indonesian); babi kurus(Javanese); cây bá b?nh (Vietnamese) and tho nan (Laotian).

Tongkat Ali

Alkaloids, -carboline alkaloids, squalene derivatives and biphenylneolignans.

Some of these constituents were shown to possess cytotoxic, antitumour, antimalarial, antischistosomal, anxiolytic and plant growth inhibition activities.


Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not take if under 18 yrs.