How To Blend and Use Incense

How To Blend and Use Incense

Tapping into the ancient art of burning incense couldn't be simpler with our quick and easy guide.

The Indigo Herbs incense range is 100% pure and natural incense, consisting of resins, leaves and woods. It’s simple and easy to burn the plant matter and release the wonderful aromatic smokes into the environment. As the incense is not mixed with a burning agent, it must be burnt on a charcoal disk.  The incenses can be blended together, and for this you will need a pestle and mortar for grinding, this creates a lighter smoke and makes your supplies go further.

What you will need
  • Pure plant resin incense
  • Charcoal disks
  • An incense burner or small heat resistant pot with sand in it
  • Pestle & mortar for grinding & blending
  • Small re-sealable bags or jars to keep incense blends in        
  1. The charcoal disk should be lit and then left to burn until it has gone ash grey. The disk must be set down in an incense burner to protect the environment. Alternatively it can be set down in a bowl of sand. The disk must not be set down in an ashtray, plate, tile or directly onto a surface as the heat from the charcoal disk is intense and will burn the surface beneath an inappropriate receptacle. Hot charcoal disks do create a dangerous hazard, so they must be handled with absolute care. Keep well out of reach of babies and children, and be conscious of your hot charcoal as you would a hot burning fire.
  2. The incense resin, leaves or barks can be ground down to a finer texture in a pestle & mortar.
  3. When the charcoal disk has turned grey, the plant matter can be added. Just take a pinch of the powder and cover the caharcoal disk.
  4. Allow the incense to permeate the room, sit back & enjoy the powerful 100% natural aroma.
What else you can do

Natural incense stimulates the creative senses, because there are no artificial scents here, the aromas are often evocative of being in nature, in a pine forest or a desert. Burning plant matter in this way is really like bringing nature inside your environment. It is also a satisfying activity to practise blending different incenses together and create a unique mix. A perfume maker looks for a base, middle and top note so that the overall aroma is both uplifting but also has some body and lingers long enough to enjoy. Why not get creative and add into your mortar some Pine Needles, Benzoin and sage. Use the pestle to break up the dried leaves and grind down the resin lumps, keep blending until the plant matter goes down to a powder and is fully mixed. Experiment with different synergies and keep a little notebook to record your successes and least favourites. 

About Indigo Products

Here at Indigo Herbs we supply the finest grade incense. We choose only natural aromatic ingredients such as the dried leaves, resins, barks and woods. Browse our range of natural incense ingredients on our Herbal Incense page.

More Information

Ancient Art:
Burning incense is an ancient art that has benefits of both a medicinal and atmospheric nature. Incense has been burnt in ceremonies for thousands of years and some believe that the vibration of the various plants themselves are responsible for creating a specific atmosphere or mood when burnt. Aromas certainly have a huge often subconscious effect on the psyche and natural incense is no exception to this. Natural incense vapuors is often powerful and thick creating moods of aromatic drama as the curls of smoke rise. Sit back and enjoy.

Because of their potency, caution is recommended if burning natural incense in the presence of babies or very small children.