How To Use Slippery Elm

How To Use Slippery Elm

Slippery elm is a tree considered sacred by northern Native American tribes. It grows in the Northeast region of the American continent and has been revered for its healing abilities for both inside and outside the body. Slippery elm can help heal wounds as well as comfort upset stomachs. The inner bark can also be dried and milled into a flour that can be used nourishing emergency sustenance and has a similar nutritional content to porridge oats.

Slippery elm bark powder can be either be taken for internal consumption or made into a topical paste for treating the skin.

When taken internally, slippery elm bark powder can be mixed into water or juice. It should thicken the liquid, but as it is fibrous it cannot be expected to completely dissolve. How fast it thickens the liquid varies depending on how finely it is milled. When the powder is finer, it takes longer to thicken, but is still effective, and can be consumed immediately.

While it is most common nowadays to take slippery elm bark powder by mixing it into water or juice, a more traditional way of taking it is to eat it in a thin porridge. Instructions for both methods on how to take slippery elm are described below.

What you will need

For Drinking:

  • A glass
  • A whisk or fork

For Cooking:

  • A small pot

For Drinking:

For Cooking:


Drinking Slippery Elm

  1. Add the desired amount of slippery elm bark powder to a glass and first add just a tiny bit of water to the powder and mix it until a thick paste forms and all the powder has been in contact with the water. Then add another tablespoon of water and mix again, thickening the paste.
  2. Add a bit more water and repeat this a few times. You can also try adding hot water. Once it has gelled, which should happen almost immediately, you can add more water so it is easier to drink.
  3. You have the choice to either drink immediately (recommended) or wait to allow the mixture to thicken even further. The longer you leave the mixture, the thicker it will get, potentially making it more difficult and unpleasant to drink.
  4. Slippery elm has a distinctive taste and slippery texture, hence its name. Drinking it quickly will allow the mixture to thicken in your stomach and will be just as effective as letting it thicken in the glass.
  5. However, if you prefer to let it thicken in the glass, you can then add more water once it has reached the desired consistency, which will help you drink it without too much difficulty.

Cooking Slippery Elm

  1. A more traditional method of taking slippery elm bark powder is to eat it in a thin porridge. Ingesting it in this way can have fast and effective results.
  2. In a pot, make porridge as you normally would, adding one or two teaspoons of slippery elm bark powder and enough water or milk to achieve desired consistency. Take note that the addition of slippery elm bark powder will make the porridge thicker, so adding more liquid will help thin it, making it easier to eat.
  3. Finish porridge with preferred toppings and enjoy.
What else you can do

If you’d rather not drink or eat slippery elm powder, Indigo Herbs has slippery elm in capsule form, which is an easy and convenient way to incorporate its benefits into daily life.

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