How To Use Superfoods

How To Use Superfoods

What are Superfoods and how do I use them? Utilising Superfoods made simple in this quick and easy guide.

The world of Superfoods is a quickly expanding domain of highly nutritious and natural foods. Usually presented in easily absorbable freeze or slow dried powdered form, Superfoods are  exceptionally dense with nutrition that can easily be digested by the body. For some the colourful pungent dried powders might not be the most appealing or appetizing sight. You might be pondering: ‘how do I best use all these ingredients and how can I make them taste wonderful?’

Here at Indigo Herbs we believe that the best way to utilise all the amazing dense nutrition locked in Superfoods is to create simple, delicious – yet extremely nourishing - Super-Smoothies. Smoothies are the perfect way to ingest Superfoods; they are easy to prepare, very diverse and adaptable; they mask some of the more unappealing tastes of some Superfoods, and are so nutritionally rich that with the right ingredients they can replace breakfast.

Below is a set of tips and a simple yet dynamic method of how to best use Superfoods to create powerful Super-Smoothies. The result will be a glass of energising vital nutritional purity that your taste buds and body will love.

What you will need
  • Various spoon sizes
  • Sharp knife
  • Glass
  • Shaker cup
  • Food Processor/Nutri Bullet/Blender




  • Five Step Smoothie Method:
  • Fruit/Veg base
  • Liquid layer
  • Thickening ingredients
  • Flavour layer
  • Power boost layer

Here we will take you through The Five Step Smoothie Method in detail. Each step we will try to show you the diversity of this method and how a multitude of different ingredients can be used to make the most delicious smoothies in next to no time.


  1. Fruit/Veg Base: Here we go fresh! It is always good to have some really fresh ingredients in a smoothie to give vibrancy, colour, energy and taste. If fresh isn’t an option then frozen fruit is fine. Some good suggestions are: Strawberries, Apples, blueberries, Bananas, melon, Spinach leaves, Carrot, Mango and Avocado. Simply chop or dice up your fruit or veg drop into the blender or food processor as your first layer.
  2. Liquid Base: If you like things simple then there is always the option of using just water at this stage. Juicing some fresh fruit or veg is the premium way that you can accomplish the best liquid base. You can use shop bought fruit juice if you wish but we would advise using pure instead of ‘from concentrate’ juice. Also Coconut water, Almond milk, Hemp milk and Coconut milk can be poured in on top of the fruit or veg.
  3. Thickening Ingredients: This is where we start to make a real meal in a glass! Some people love to use Oats, while others may like a dollop of Yogurt; or you could simply go with a handful of ice. Other thickeners include: Nut Butters, soaked Cashew Nuts and Hulled Hemp Seeds. Spoon in these thick ingredients into the blender on top of your mounting ingredients.
  4. Flavour Layer: Natural sweetness is never too far away. You’ll have to think about all the flavours you have in each layer and a complementing flavour that combines well. Here’s some obvious starters to make your smoothie as lovely as drinking down the morning sun: Cinnamon Powder, Agave Syrup, finely chopped Dates, Honey, Vanilla Powder or some Lemon/Lime juice or chilli (for the crazy). Simply spoon these on top.
  5. Power Boost Layer: Here is where our Superfood Powders come into force. Here at Indigo Herbs we have a massive range of Superfoods that can make your smoothie a super power house of a morning drink. Here’s some suggestions to get you started: Vegan Protein Powders, Bee Pollen, Medicinal Mushroom Powders, Baobab Powder, Wheatgrass Powder, Beetroot Powder and Chlorella Powder. Spoon your choice of Superfoods into the blender.
  6. Blend & Serve: Whiz up all the ingredients until a smooth thick liquid. Pour into your glass and, if you’d like, top with some Cacao Nibs, Mint, Bee Pollen or Flax Seeds. Enjoy your breakfast in a glass and be amazed at how long you can go without feeling the pangs of hunger set in.
5 Step Smoothie Method Infographic"
What else you can do

The dimensions of Super-Smoothies never end and the versatility and array of combinations of Superfoods is only limited by an individual’s imagination. The Five Step Smoothie Method is a great starting point for making all your smoothie dreams come true.

Once you feel you have mastered our basic method you can become more refined in taste, Superfood measurements for bodily needs. If you’re really clever, Super-Smoothies can be engineered to have exact ingredients tailor made to boost every part of the body and mind.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll become thinner, stop ageing, become smarter, more beautiful or free from illness; what we can tell you is that you’ll have more energy, vitality and improved overall health if you implement Superfood smoothies into your diet.

Why not try out one of our Smoothie recipes based on The Five Step Smoothie Method? We have our Ruby Red Berry & Beetroot Smoothie, our Yummiest High Protein Green Smoothie "Jungle Juice" and our Raw Chocolate Nutty Breakfast Smoothie.

Also we have an extensive range of really delicious smoothie recipes on our recipe pages - Smoothie Recipe Collection

About Indigo Products

Indigo Herbs strives for the absolute BEST in our Superfood and Natural Health products. We believe our Superfoods can rarely be beaten on quality and price.

Whether it be Organic or Wild Crafted you can guaranteed that every measure has been taken to ensure that Indigo Herbs Superfoods have been gathered and prepared responsibly. We take great care in stocking Fairtrade, clean and pure Superfoods so that we can be your one stop shop for all your natural health needs. Below are some of Indigo Herbs priorities when it comes to our Superfoods.

  • Ensuring that all growing mediums whether they are soil or water are free from harmful chemicals, toxins or heavy metals.
  • Harvesting at the critical moment when the plant/tree/fruit/bean is at peak nutritional potency.
  • Making sure that after harvest the plant material is transported immediately for processing. 
  • Drying/dehydration methods that ensure that plant material is not overly heated to keep all vitamins/minerals/phytochemicals/proteins intact.
  • Freeze drying/blasting that instantly reduces plant material into powder.
  • Storage that keeps these powders at peak potency ready to be used by you, our customers.

We deliver more pure ingredients so that you can have an extensive choice into what goes into your body, maximising each individual’s responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

Take a little tour around our long list of Superfoods to devise your own Super-Smoothies and tailor your own branded blend.

Cacao Powder, Wheatgrass Powder, Moringa Powder and Lucuma Powder


More Information

An ordinary daily Smoothie can certainly give you your five a day and beyond. Sometimes your body might call for more if you’re run down or depleted of vitamins and minerals. If you know exactly what your body needs a well-engineered Super-Smoothie can help quickly get you back on your feet. Below are some examples where using the power of Superfoods can really help achieve a specific goal.

  • Slimming down, dieting and getting ready for a holiday
  • If you’re on a detox plan
  • Recovering from an illness or surgery
  • Re-balancing of mind and body
  • Making sure your kids are getting enough nutrients in their diet.

There are many ways in which a Superfoods and The Five Step Smoothie Method can be of great help in your daily life. They can be a real health kick to get you firing to achieve your goals.

We hope that you’ll enjoy your Super-Smoothie adventures and regard Superfoods as highly as we do here at Indigo Herbs. Enjoy!