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Adrian Antrum (Trager UK)

Adrian Antrum Licensed Trager Practitioner, MCTHa

PThe Trager Approach

‘The Trager Approach’ is a profound bodywork and movement education form, which utilizes gentle rhythmic movements to facilitate the release of stressful physical and mental patterns. Such patterns can be the result of emotional trauma, accidents, illness, poor posture and movement habits. These and the stress they evoke can result in stiffness, pain and functional limitation

Trager work consists of various elements one being table work, where the client is passive and gently moved by the practitioner either lying prone or supine or on their side. A further element is done off the table where the client actively participates in a range of self care exercises embodying the experience of the table work, known as Mentastics Movement Education. In this the client is encouraged to explore how fluid and open their body can be. Essentially, Mentastics teach adults to play again, and are great fun to do.

Adrian qualified as a ‘Trager’ practitioner in 1998 and continues to find it a privilege to offer its benefits to clients whether it be for their remedial needs or pure pleasure. The meditative approach by the practitioner underpins the technique resulting in a deep sense of harmony engendered within the client, a pre-requisite for a response for the healing process to take place.

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