Aliyyaa Spring Nd Mrn Practitioner Profile

Aliyyaa Spring ND MRN (GCRN and CNHC)

Aliyyaa is an experienced Naturopathic Physician, who graduated from the University of Westminster with an Honours Degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  She previously studied at the University of Bedfordshire where she acquired a HNC in Biochemistry and Genetics.

Born into a culture where herbal medicine was regularly prescribed and dispensed by her mother, Aliyyaa herself has become a confident mother of five healthy boys who she has raised without the use of antibiotics or vaccinations. 

As well as being very passionate about natural healthcare, Aliyyaa believes everyone should have access to ethical, evidence-based, drug-free primary care.  Treating her patients as unique individuals Aliyyaa is very client-centered in her approach, employing a warm, non-judgemental, listening and empathic mind-set.  Having written her thesis on the affects of mindfulness approaches in clinical practice, she considers the above approaches imperative to a successful patient-practitioner relationship.  Aliyyaa has since gone on to further study in The Hakomi Method – a form of body-centred psychotherapy.  The Hakomi Method regards people as self-organising systems, considering their unconscious core memories, beliefs and images which are expressed through habits and attitudes. Hakomi is a method for helping people discover and recognise these deep seated patterns and beliefs.

Aliyyaa specialises in naturopathic oncology symptom support, as she has previously lost many family members to cancer, and practices advanced manual lymphatic drainage.  She currently runs three (3) private practices, The Natural Gateway Clinic, Borehamwood and Neal’s Yard Remedies (Therapy Rooms) Kings Road, Chelsea and St Albans.

Aliyyaa is registered with the General Council of Registered Naturopaths (GCRN) and Complimentary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

What treatments do I offer?
Allergy Testing, Food Intolerance, Herbalism, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy
Where do I practice?
Spring Charles Clinic of Natural Medicine
The Natural Gateway Clinic at Theobald Medical Centre
121 Theobald Street
United Kingdom