Amanda Newman Mnimh Manp Practitioner Profile

Amanda Newman mNIMH mANP (National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH) & Association for Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP).)

Amanda Newman studied Herbal Medicine at the University of Westminster and graduated with a first-class honours degree.  Having experienced and witnessed the health improvements achievable through healthy living and natural medicines, she founded Santi Clinic, a natural health clinic specialising in herbal medicine and the promotion of natural health and holistic wellness practices.

The clinic offers 1-1 consultations, online consultations, bespoke herbal medicine formulas, clinical testing, talks, group workshops, and a small range of health products. 

With so much conflicting information available, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and confused.  This can prevent people from taking action - action that has the potential to transform your life.  Amanda's professional expertise can remove this obstacle for you, so that you can take positive action and recover your energy and vitality.

Western Herbal Medicine focuses on the patient and the cause of their dis-ease rather than the symptoms they have.  The choice of herbs a practitioner prescribes is based on detailed information given to the practitioner by the patient and the result of any clinical examination or testing that may be required.  This allows a personalised prescription to be created that cannot be bought from anywhere else.  It is tailor-made to your unique requirements.

Health Coaching is available to help you learn how your diet and lifestyle choices affect your health and how to make better ones.  You will be empowered with the information and skills needed to work toward your health goals and live your life to the fullest.

With options to suit every budget, there's something for everyone.  Visit our website for further details.

Consultations are by appointment only and must be booked in advance.  Unfortunately, visitors cannot attend in person without an appointment.





What treatments do I offer?
Allergy Testing, Food Intolerance, Herbalism, Other
Where do I practice?
Santi Clinic
136a Southdown Road
United Kingdom
Santi Clinic
47a Bancroft
United Kingdom