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Anna Betz (College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy CPP)

Anna Betz has practised as a Medical Herbalist for 27 years and 4 years ago started pioneering a Brainhealth programme for people with memory problems in the NHS. She is also registered with Cytoplan as a nutrionist to deliver a series of workshops for Brainhealth based on the Brdesen protocol.  

Addressing the inter-connected causes of chronic inflammatory diseases, developing effective natural treatments and coaching people to make necessary changes in their lives has been her calling for several decades.  To optimise their health using natural methods people need understand the reason for their problem, know where to find the knowledge and learn how to apply it. Anna helps patients with herbal & nutritional therapies as well as psycho/emotional and spiritual support to reach their full potential. She trained in various systemic approaches to health including endobiogeny, family therapy, constellations work, narrative approaches, Map of Meaning and more.
She facilitates regular manualised sessions for patients suffering from preventable diseases such as diabetes and other insulin metabolism related disorders like ME, PCOS, Metabolic syndrome, Energy crashes, Dementia, ....

She senses the future of medicine and healing not as a linear continuum of the past or simply the adding up of all existing empirical and modern scientific knowledge but as something much more sustainable, enlivening, engaging, participatory and co-creative where experts help us to become smarter and wiser rather than telling us what to do. 


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