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Annie Marie Michael

Annie is dedicated to the practice of Reiki and believes it is our birthright to receive the loving energy, which can help with all manner of physical, emotional or spiritual ailments, as well as aid with general feelings of calm, relaxation and wellbeing.

The energy chakra system is energetically connected to all our organs as well as our muscular, skeletal and endocrine systems, and so if any part of it becomes blocked or out of balance, we will feel out of sorts, and, if left untreated, physical dis-ease will eventually manifest. Applying Reiki gently to the points of the chakra system in the course of a Reiki treatment, allows energy to flow. Reiki works holistically on the whole, and as it is a complementary therapy, it works in harmony with any other medical treatment whether it be traditional or alternative.

 Annie offers Reiki treatment sessions either at the beauty salon (address below), via distant healing, or home visits can be arranged.


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    Rishevi Reiki
    22 Bell Street
    CM21 9AN
    United Kingdom