Bill Taylor Practitioner Profile

Bill Taylor (The Institute for Optimum Nutrition)
The whole aim of the practice is to treat clients as individuals. No two people are alike, nor is their metabolism or lifestyle. So why would treatment be the same? This highly personal approach to natural healing enables symptoms or issues to be investigated and not suppressed like some treatments because it is the issues causing the symptoms that need to be managed not merely the symptoms themselves.   If an individual is on medication this is noted and any potential interaction with food or supplements will be examined. Bill has over thirty years of experience at the interface between GP’s, hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry and has invaluable insights into how drugs can effect natural processes in the body.   Bill offers a bespoke service to support the body eliminate toxicity and rebuild health naturally through nutrition and lifestyle modification. Shortly after the consultation clients will receive a detailed Health Improvement Plan which will form a personal course of action to aid restoration of good health.   “Rome was not built in a day” and some people need to progress gradually to their health goal, others more quickly, either way optimal health through nutrition is what most clients require.
What treatments do I offer?
Nutritional Therapy, Reiki
Where do I practice?
Portland Nutrition
Portland Chiropractic Clinic
11 Portland Road
West Midlands
United Kingdom