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Carol Fieldhouse (Alliance of Registered homeopaths)

Inspiring Natural Wellness Solutions from Carol Fieldhouse at Refreshing Horizons


Are you holding everyone and everything else in your life together yet feeling as though you are dying inside?

Have you lost the dreams and passions you once had?

Has the reality of life hit you hard and knocked you off balance?

Are you lacking in energy, stressed, worrying and losing control?

It is time for you to blossom. It's time for your life to be beautiful again.

Let me support and inspire you to re-discover yourself, care for yourself ...

....  become a wonderful shining light in the lives of those around you.

Book a free 15 minute consultation and start to make your life yours again


  • Registered Homeopath and Advanced CEASE practitioner. Some health schemes will refund my fees.
  • e-Lybra9 Analysis and Balancing - broad reaching services using some very sophisticated equipment.
  • Andean Shamanic Energy medicine
  • Flower, gem and environmental essences
  • Herbs and superfoods

Some client comments:

Kim Kalina, CCH, RSHom (NA)
“Carol Fieldhouse is such a lovely person, caring homeopath and CEASE therapist. Her upbeat and relaxed personality and attention to detail when working with clients who may have complex concerns is well appreciated. I highly recommend her services…give her a call and talk to her about your needs. I’m sure you’ll find her to be as warm and professional as I do! ”Kim Kalina

Sleep and general health problems - Homeopathy - GM, Warwickshire

“My 5 year old son has struggled to sleep alone in his own bed since he was a baby. He had recently started to suffer from abdominal pain, headaches and loose stools when I decided to visit Carol. A month later, he was happily sleeping in his own bed and the other symptoms had gone too."

What treatments do I offer?
Homeopathy, Other
Where do I practice?
Refreshing Horizons
69 Oxford Road
OX16 9AJ
United Kingdom
Refreshing Horizons
14 Market Place
Shipston on Stour
Cv36 4AG
United Kingdom