Catherine Schofield Bsc Ba Msc Mnimh Practitioner Profile

Catherine Schofield Bsc BA MSc MNIMH (National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH))

Catherine has been in practice as a medical herbalist in Stockport since 2010 on graduating with a first class BSc honours degree in Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire.

During this time she has helped many patients with a wide variety of conditions, but she has a particular interest in skin problems, Chronic Fatigue and related complaints and considerable experience in many gynaecological problems, including the management of menopausal symptoms and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). However, she believes herbal medicine can bring its unique benefits to help with a surprising range of health issues.

Catherine has a strong background in Western Herbal Medicine and believes that herbal medicine offers patients a unique and holistic approach to their health, in order not only to alleviate symtoms but to also help with the underlying issues that may be contributing to poor health.

Using her knowlege of herbs and nutrition, Catherine offers patients a caring and confidential service and provides high quality herbal medicines professionally formulated and tailored to the individual requirements of each patient. She likes to take time with her patients to allow them to fully express their concerns and explore their medical history.  Her aim is to assist patients to attain better and lasting health usingthe gentle power of plant medicine.

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Catherine Schofield Medical Herbalist
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