Cemile Lisa Kiazim Practitioner Profile

Cemile Lisa Kiazim (Association of Systematic Kinesiology)

Cemile has been practicing Kinesiology for  over 7 years, she has helped numerous clients emotionally and physically over her years of practice, her empathetic and positive nature helps her clients feel at ease during a treatment. Do you suffer with low energy, brain fog, digestion issues,aches and pains, unexplained health concerns, anxiety and stress? Kinesiology looks at the body as a whole; mentally, chemically, physically,and energetically, using muscle testing the Kinesiologist can find and treat the root cause of ill health using emotional stress release techniques, emotional freedom techniques,  nutritional advice, flower remedies, massage, structural realignment and much more to regain good heath. 

The body has the amazing ability to heal itself when given the right tools, if you  are sick of being sick and tired, Kinesiology can help.


What treatments do I offer?
Food Intolerance, Kinesiology
Where do I practice?
Cemile Lisa Kiazim
31B St Thomas Street
United Kingdom