Daniel Haigh Practitioner Profile

Daniel Haigh (The Reiki Federation)

Daniel has been giving Reiki - Seichem treatments since 2003 & through his own journey with stress, depression & burnout he has additionally studied psychology, shamanism and nutrition.

Soul Re-alignment -We offer relief and support especially if you have/are suffering from symptoms of stress, burnout, depression, addictions, illness or conflict in your relationships. Reiki - Seichem creates deep relaxation to help your body to align with it's soul purpose. The treatment takes place fully clothed on a treatment couch, there will be hands on holding of limbs and concentrating on joints where congestion can occur. Case notes will be taken on health, history, lifestyle & current symptoms.

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What treatments do I offer?
Where do I practice?
Conflict 2 Connection
Cowdray Therapy Rooms
Cowdray Park
West Sussex
GU29 0AQ
United Kingdom