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Geraldine Li

Wholesome Ayurveda specilises in digestive health. Ayurveda is built around strong digestion, as it sees all illness manifesting from poor digestion. Ayurveda is unique in the fact it looks to find the root cause of someones health issues. It takes into consideration all aspects of their life; diet, lifestyle, mental health and spiritual health. It sees you as a completely unique individual, and the most important part is, it truly SEE's you! 

Wholesome Ayurveda works with clients closely to see which areas of their life may be out of balance. We then work to bring you back into balance, through healthy diet and lifestyle. Along the way you will start to learn the amazing tools Ayurveda has to offer, on how to keep your health and vitality strong, which builds resiliency within the body. Ayurveda is a self empowering tool, as it really helps one get to know themselves. It gives them amazing knowledge for life, and a true understanding of what healthy really means! 


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Wholesome Ayurveda
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