Hanna Charlotte Sharpe Practitioner Profile

Hanna Charlotte Sharpe (The Association of Systematic Kinesiology)

Hanna Sharpe is a newly qualified systematic kinesiologist, who undertook the two-year intensive training in London after being blown away by its ability to effectively clear up her own unexplained aches and pains, chronic tiredness, digestive issues and high stress levels naturally.

Systematic kinesiology is a complementary natural health care system or ‘language’ that enables your body to communicate what it wants to assist achieving your very best health, using muscle response testing.

It uses a variety of tools and techniques to get to the root of pain, discomfort, and health issues and resolve them thoroughly from all realms – chemical/nutrition, structural, emotional and energetical.

Health issues addressed include: joint pain, inflammation, digestive discomfort, anxiety, stress, depression, detoxification, hormonal imbalances, fears, ‘I just don’t feel well’, arthritis, insomnia, back pain, frequent colds/infections, food sensitivity testing and more…

I would expect to see good results even from the first session, and major improvements in 3 to 6 sessions.

"I slept really well last night and had a great day at work today. I feel less tired and sluggish, brighter generally and much better in myself. I haven't felt this good in ages - a few years at least. I feel mentally balanced as well. Thank you." Clair

What treatments do I offer?
Food Intolerance, Kinesiology
Where do I practice?
Hanna Sharpe Kinesiology
Austin Road
United Kingdom