Hayley Merrick Practitioner Profile

Hayley Merrick (CHNC)

Hayley is a natural fertility and menstrual health practitioner, who supports women looking to rebalance their hormonal system. She also works with women or couples who wish to enhance their fertility and prepare for pregnancy. 

Hayley supports her clients to maximise their health, achieve a healthy menstrual cycle and boost their fertility in natural, healthy and loving ways.

Her background of 10 years as a qualified nurse combines with over 9 years training and experience as a natural health practitioner.

Her specialism and expertise lie in balancing the menstrual cycle though relaxation, functional nutritional therapy, herbs, reflexology, mindset and aromatherapy.

Hayley utilises a whole body and lifestyle approach. Addressing the route cause of her client's concerns and suggesting evidence based, achievable and individualised health programs, for effective and long lasting results. 

What treatments do I offer?
Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Nursing, Nutritional Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki
Where do I practice?
Hayley Merrick - Love Your Cycles
Market Fields
United Kingdom