Helen Rideout Practitioner Profile

Helen Rideout (NIMH)

Helen has been practising herbal medicine for 7 years since graduating with a first class honours degree in BSc Herbal Medicine from the University of Central Lancashire. After visiting a herbalist who cured her of a nasty kidney infection in 2001, she became fascinated with how herbs can bring such amazing changes to people's lives. This inspired her to go and train to the highest standard, ensuring that she could bring herbal medicine to people in a safe and beneficial way.

In her practice which she runs from her beautiful apothecary space in her wooden cabin home, Helen uses herbs to rebalance the body for a whole host of different conditions.  She regularly works with people to support them through ill health and into wellness with such conditions as IBS & other digestion problems, menstrual irregularities, menopausal troubles, depression & anxiety, under or over-active thyroid conditions & other endocrine system irregularities, allergies and many more conditions.

In order to fully benefit from the power of herbs, she recommends coming to see her for a consultation where she can really look at how your body is working, and how herbs can help it to work better.  Helen is also qualified to offer nutritional and lifestyle advice, thereby designing you a programme that will bring you back to optimum health.  She also runs workshops and herb walks.

She offers consultations on a sliding scale, making this important medicine affordable to everyone.

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11 Winstanley Terrace
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom