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Holly Ann Filday (BRCP - The British Registrar of Complementary Health Practitioners)

Are you suffering from digestive stress? Digestive issues are Holly's area of special focus. The gut is such a key aspect of daily life and often referred to as our 'second brain'. Pain and discomfort can really wreak havoc in our life, affecting our relationships, our work, and especially our ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

We are what we eat right? High life-force foods help us to feel alive and vital. Low energy foods make us feel lethargic, depressed and even anxious or irritable.

More importantly, we are what we think. This is the level of consciousness where kinesiology brings great benefits. Holly can diagnose energy imbalance and then tap into the stress factors (usually from childhood) which cause the energy imbalance. Enhancing the client's energy or balancing energy in the body fundamentally shifts old limiting beliefs and thought patterns (that may have once been good for us), yet now cause only pain, suffering or heartache.

Often clients will feel a major shift in their energy within one session; at other times it may take 2-3 kinesiology balances to release the old thought patterns, bringing enhanced energy to the gut and the whole body. 

Holly is able to assist with releasing blocked energy patterns around allergies, migraines, joint pains to name a few. Kinesiology offers a blend of energy enhancement, stress release and deep insight into YOUR specific mental-emotional patterns that have created your body, your life and your world.

Are you seeking to change any aspect of your body or your life? Kinesiology may offer an effective and long-lasting change in the direction that leads you to the highest and BEST version of your SELF.

Contact Holly for a free 15-minute teleconsultation. You will know immediately if working with Holly is right for you.

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Frequency Kinesiology
Shaftesbury Clinic
4 Goldington Road
MK40 3NF
United Kingdom
Frequency Kinesiology
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MK40 3NF
United Kingdom