Holly Paige Practitioner Profile

Holly Paige (College of Living Nutrition)

Holly Paige works as a living nutritional practitioner getting to the root of any issue, physical, mental emotional or spiritual, working with regenerative nutrition and powerful optimisation strategies to move towards ultimate well-being. She works with the College of Living Nutrition, seeing clients both face to face and via Skype or phone.

Raw, wild and alkalising foods, nutritional supplementation, tonic herbs, hormone balancing, earthing, rekindling the mind and imagination and nature connection can all be part of the healing journey

Holly has worked with natural health for over twenty years and was a raw food pioneer, authoring the book Food for Consciousness. Teaching how to make the most potent and healthiest foods on the Earth super-delicious to eat, with simple easy recipes, is one of her passions.

She is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and celebrant and also holds a bachelors degree in physics, which can be helpful especially when understanding issues such as non-native EMFs, one of her speciality subjects.

What treatments do I offer?
Hypnotherapy, Nutritional Therapy
Where do I practice?
Living in the Life Force
Merchants House
10 High Street
United Kingdom