Howard Evans Practitioner Profile

Howard Evans (CNHC)

Howard Evans has been working professionally as a body oriented therapist since 1992. He was one of the original group of therapists working at the Life Centre when it first opened in London’s Notting Hill Gate in 1993 and, similarly, at Triyoga when it first opened its doors in Primrose Hill in 2000.

As well as practicing continuously since then, Howard has taught at Morley College and The University of Westminster in London as well at schools in Barcelona, Mallorca and Zagreb. Although he has studied many approaches to therapy including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Integrative Psychotherapy, Core Process Psychotherapy, Traditional Thai Massage, Neuromuscular Technique and Esalen Massage, it is the biodynamic approach to Craniosacral Therapy that informs all his current work – encapsulating, as it does, his overall therapeutic philosophy of ‘less is more’.

During a session you will benefit from a quality of touch, attention and presence developed over many years of study, practice and teaching. Treatments are received fully clothed on a massage table with a minimum of verbal dialogue.

Howard's aim is to establish a safe and respectful dialogue with the deep intelligence of your body, to bring attention to the way in which your body organises its history and to invite change without force or obligation.

What treatments do I offer?
Massage Therapy, Other, Reiki, Yoga
Where do I practice?
Howard Evans
34 Marley House
St Anns Road
W11 4DJ
United Kingdom