Jamie Johnson Practitioner Profile

Jamie Johnson (CNC CHHP CFMP)
Jamie Johnson serves as a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine practitioner. He studied at Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology and Functional Medicine University. He has also mentored and collaborated with the leading experts to apply the latest scientifically proven principles to your case.   As an avid researcher and clinician, his role is to provide you with education, empowerment, and encouragement along with the tools necessary to help you achieve your personal health goals. Jamie will listen to your story, identify your individual biochemistry by recommending the right tests. This will enable him to discover the underlying root causes of your dysfunction and and develop a bespoke and measurable lifestyle plan to restore your vitality that is bespoke and measurable.   Jamie focuses on empowering clients through the use of positive changes to elicit improvements in health, performance and physical appearance. He has a relentless passion for helping clients optimise their health and establish lifelong intentional rituals that support well-being. His results and testimonials speak for themselves. His hobbies include exercising, researching, and being outdoors. 
What treatments do I offer?
Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy
Where do I practice?
Peak Health 365 Ltd
153 Coleherne Court
Redcliffe Gardens
United Kingdom