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Jim Brant (BFVEA)

A consultation allows a specific or combination of Flower and Vibrational essences to be recommended.  The various situations, circumstances and issues for which essences can be used, are numerous. In resolving unhelpful emotions, beliefs and thinking, positive qualities are enhanced and we resonate to a higher frequency enabling our true selves to shine through. Also, as essences have a general balancing effect; one can often notice unexpected improvements or enhancements in our being

I use the lovely Exmoor Essences, Bach Flower Remedies, Chalice Well Essences and can cater for clients who prefer non-alcoholic essences.  Generally, consultations are made by phone but face to face consultations are available in Minehead or Glastonbury.

What treatments do I offer?
Where do I practice?
Cleeve Park Retreat
TA24 6JF
United Kingdom