Judith Hart Practitioner Profile

Judith Hart (Creative Kinesiology Association; British Complementary Medicine Association)

Judith Hart is an advanced Creative Kinesiology practitioner, teacher and mentor of other therapists, with over 20 years experience in the field of natural health. She has clinics in Exmouth and Exeter in Devon. She  provides a safe space for you to say whatever is happening for you, and works with the deeper levels of your nervous system to assist you in making empowered and lasting changes, whether that is due to a physical, nutritional, emotional, mental, energetic or spiritual issue.

Creative Kinesiology has its roots in ancient chinese energy medicine and modern bodywork methods from chiropractic, and is a way of communicating with the innate wisdom of your body on all levels. Uncovering the orgins of stress behind symptoms such as pain, tension, upset or difficulties in life, is seen as key to bringing balance to your body mind and spirit. Gentle bodywork techniques help you to release stress or shock so your body's own healing medicines and mechanisms are able to work more effectively.

Judith also works with Reiki, massage, Native American Medicine Wheel, Mayan Astrology Charts and mindfulness meditation techniques.
Skype or phone sessions welcome.

What treatments do I offer?
Food Intolerance, Kinesiology, Other, Reiki
Where do I practice?
Judith Hart Creative Kinesiology & Mayan Astrology
Pound Street
United Kingdom