Katie Ruane Practitioner Profile

Katie Ruane (CNHC, GCRN, CHP)

Katie qualified from the University of Westminster in 2014 with a science degree in Naturopathy after studying full time for 4 years, obtaining over 400 hours of clinical experience.  Since then Katie has also trained in maternity reflexology making her safe to give you reflexology during pregnancy, and has also completed a baby massage instructor diploma accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

In her mother and baby work, Katie looks after you both during pregnancy and beyond.  Reflexology and massage are the main treatments, but a bespoke treatment plan including nutrition, essential oils and herbs can be created.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Katie works to support you as a whole to resolve the cause of ill health, rather than just address symptoms.  Symptoms tell you something isn't right, and by finding out what’s causing them, we can help get the body back into health. Katie does this by acknowledging:

            1.     Your health concern and how it makes you feel emotionally

2.     The impact of diet, medications and supplements

3.     Your musculoskeletal health by assessing your posture and breathing

Katie has a variety of therapies to make a bespoke treatment plan for you after an initial consultation. This could include, nutrition, massage, reflexology, essential oils, and herbs to boost your health.

What treatments do I offer?
Aromatherapy, Food Intolerance, Herbalism, Massage Therapy, Naturopathy, Nutritional Therapy, Other, Reflexology
Where do I practice?
Harley Street Naturopath
2 Wimpole Street
United Kingdom
Harley Street Naturopath
Longcroft House
6-8 Victoria Avenue
United Kingdom